CEO vision

I am very excited to be leading a new chapter in the history of this great company!

My vision is for Firmenich to be the most aspirational Fragrance and Flavor House of the industry.

After more than 20 years managing businesses across four continents, I feel extremely privileged to be dedicating my experience today to best serve Firmenich and all its stakeholders.

2015 marks a very special milestone in our history: our 120th Anniversary. Only the greatest companies, the ones that successfully reinvent themselves, era after era, make it so far.

What enabled us to reach our 120th Anniversary is how much we care.

We Care for our Colleagues, we Care for our Clients; we Care for our Communities; and of course, we Care for our Creativity, the heart of everything we do.

Because, what we do is more than a Business, it’s a Family with a Legacy.

Gilbert Ghostine, CEO
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