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Increasingly aware of the nutritional value of what they eat, consumers are demanding healthy and more nutritious food. At Firmenich, we focus on health and nutrition issues to help our customers meet a variety of challenges, including reducing calories, sugar and salt, as well as an emerging consumer demand for protein content and other nutrients.

Making Healthy Taste Delicious Preferred Beyond Taste


At Firmenich, we are actively working with global experts, chefs and our customers to advance innovative green protein solutions that are nutritious, tasty and sustainable.

In promoting alternative proteins and putting them center plate, we are catalyzing a shift toward more sustainable protein production and consumption.

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With our technical and creative solutions to address health and nutrition issues, Firmenich consistently creates flavor products that consumers know and love. We apply innovative approaches, and have developed partnerships with leading innovators. This enables us to elaborate and take to market flavors to improve the dietary profile of products. Restoring great taste to sugar-reduced food and beverages is a frequent assignment, and a challenge we have been succeeding at for years.

Sugar Reduction

The global increase of sugar consumption is resulting in a rise in health concerns such as obesity and diabetes. Firmenich provides flavor solutions to customers looking for new and innovative ways to address sugar issues - while still providing consumers with tasty products.

Firmenich’s TasteGEM® portfolio is our most advanced range of technical flavor solutions, designed to make healthier food and ensure beverages taste great.

Innovations from TasteGEM® enable our customers to reformulate their brands and create new products that meet consumer demand for healthier foods and beverages. Our newest TasteGEMs® provide solutions for a wide range of product categories including beverage, dairy, sweet and savory. TasteGEM® provides comprehensive flavor solutions for restoring authentic taste using balanced flavor keys and tools that restore the sensory profile.

Salt Reduction

Consumer desire to reduce salt consumption is another factor inspiring innovation at Firmenich. Our SaltPrint® portfolio allows our customers to reduce the levels of salt in many different products such as soups, dressings and meats. With our unique umami solutions, which can be combined with SaltPrint®, we can also deliver great flavor profiles that taste even better with less salt.
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PARTNERSHIPS to develop new solutions for healthier food

With a focus on nutrition and wellness, Firmenich is proud to collaborate with other leading organizations and scientific institutions to develop new solutions for healthier food.

Through partnerships with fellow best-in-class innovators and continued close relationships with key customers, we are meeting one of our most important objectives: discovering and taking to market flavor solutions that substantially improve products’ dietary profiles.
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