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Sweet Goods

Sweet Goods hold a sweet spot in the flavor industry. Imagination and creativity are paramount in conjuring up new and exciting flavors for dairy, dietary & nutrition, gum, confectionery, bakery & cereal goods and ice cream. Our team members are industry masters of this diverse segment, and we are always dreaming big in order to find solutions to meet our customers Sweet Goods needs.


Sweet Goods products are intrinsically linked with pleasure, fun and comfort. Firmenich develops sweet flavor solutions for our customers' products, always moving beyond simple taste requirements. We understand that today’s consumers are demanding healthier products that don’t compromise on taste. We provide innovative flavor solutions to address sugar reduction - while still providing consumers with tasty products. Our TasteGEM® portfolio is our most advanced range of technical flavor solutions, designed to make healthier food and ensure beverages taste great, ensuring we deliver a flavor that will fulfill a consumer’s emotional expectations.


  • Deep experience in dairy, dietary & nutrition, gum, confectionery, bakery & cereal goods, and ice cream products
  • Recognized proficiency in fruit, mint and vanilla flavors
  • Large range of flavors made from natural extracts and ingredients
  • Powerful flavor technology portfolio, delivering dynamic trigeminal sensations
  • Encapsulated sweet flavor delivery systems providing controlled flavor release
  • Continuous development in sweetness enhancers, masking flavors and mouthfeel enhancers

Sweet Goods The expert voice

"All over the world, flavor perception is different. People everywhere love vanilla, but the profiles of those vanillas may vary.

At Firmenich, tapping into those differences and understanding them is key to giving our customers exactly what they are looking for, wherever they are in the world."

Flavorist, Sweet Goods, North America

OUR CUSTOMERS Working with all types of food and beverage manufacturers around the world

Firmenich creates products for our customers that perfectly meet the wants and needs of their consumers. We work with major multi-nationals, mid-size regional companies – and everything in between.

Our creation and application teams have proven experience understanding the consumer packaged goods (CPGs) industry: many Firmenich team members previously worked at CPG companies. We appreciate the challenges our customers face, and we are naturally well-placed to create the right flavor solution for a range of applications.

With a solid understanding of the technical needs and back-of-house operations, we partner with food service customers to help them develop unique menu items to delight their consumers.

In many markets, distributors are essential for us to reach smaller customers, and we have created a network of reliable, world-class distributors. We value and nurture these strong relationships so that our flavor solutions can help any local company to succeed.
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