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Advancing Health and Nutrition and Building Sustainable Food Systems Sugar and Salt reduction

The global increase in sugar consumption has led to a rise in health concerns such as obesity and diabetes. Firmenich provides flavor solutions to customers who want new and innovative ways to reduce sugar while providing tasty products. We were among the first in the industry to do so. Our TasteGEM® portfolio is our most advanced range of technical flavor solutions designed to make healthier food and great-tasting beverages. These innovations enable customers to reformulate their brands and create new products to meet consumer demand in a wide range of product categories including beverages, dairy, sweet and savory.


In recent years, consumption has shifted from zero-calorie beverages to mid-calorie beverages, primarily driven by negative associations with artificial sweeteners such as aspartame. Stevia came to the forefront as a natural alternative, but lingering off-notes present challenges for developers. In FY14, Firmenich launched our next generation TasteGEM® solution, TasteGEM™ SW8, specifically formulated for use with stevia. TasteGEM™ SW8 can be used in combination with stevia to restore a product’s original taste profile when sugar has been reduced. This technology has been shown effective in applications including carbonated soft drinks, iced teas and juices.


Consumer desire to reduce salt consumption is a market trend inspiring innovation at Firmenich. Our SaltPrint® portfolio allows customers to reduce salt levels in many different products including soups, dressings and meats. With our unique umami solutions, which can be combined with SaltPrint®, we deliver great flavor profiles that taste even better with less salt.

Advancing Health and Nutrition and Building Sustainable Food Systems Sustainable Food Systems

Our flavor division aims at helping our customers meet the needs of future consumers while preserving our resources for generations to come.
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Advancing Health and Nutrition and Building Sustainable Food Systems Developing Innovative and Efficient Processes

Manufacturing our products and technologies has an impact on the environment through our resources consumption.
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