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Accelerating Growth Championing Responsible Sourcing

Our goal is as simple as it is ambitious: to offer our creators and customers the most innovative and comprehensive palette of natural ingredients, while operating the most traceable, ethical and sustainable value chain.

To achieve this, we lead a broad and deep presence at source, engaging in three types of partnerships with like-minded visionary organizations in the field:

Deep Roots – for the sustainable livelihoods of farming communities:
Working in multidisciplinary teams with critical experts to lead tailored programs supporting the sustainable livelihoods of smallholder farmer communities.

Naturals Together™ – for a privileged access to the best sources of naturals
Partnering with the best natural producers in the world who share our values, we aim to shape the most high-quality, ethical, traceable and sustainable natural ingredients.

Naturals innovation – for refined and unique natural ingredients
Crafting further our ingredients across our innovation platforms, we develop high-quality natural specialties to enrich our Flavorists’ and Perfumers’ palette.

Ingredients innovation – advancing our excellence in naturals
In the cradle of perfumery, our Naturals Center of Excellence in Grasse, France, combines our leadership in innovation with sustainable sourcing. It processes nearly 1,000 tonnes of raw materials each year, sourced from all over the world – utilizing state-of-the-art technologies such as CO2 extraction.

Our Citrus Center of Excellence in Lakeland, Florida, offers a unique portfolio of citrus notes. Its expertise is enhanced by regional creation capabilities in Geneva, São Paulo and Shanghai. Expanding our reach, we entered three strategic partnerships at source to develop high-quality natural specialties: with Jasmine Concrete in Tamil Nadu, India; with Essex Laboratories in Oregon, U.S.; and with Nelixia, in Guatemala, Central America.


Suppliers at source are critical to ensuring sustainable practices are implemented on the ground. Through our Naturals Together™ (NT) community, we build long-term partnerships with some of the world’s best natural producers.

Selected through extensive due diligence, we count 16 NT partners. Taking a tailored approach, we support and invest in their supply chains to ensure their high standards of compliance and inclusive practices.

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With Deep Roots we support the sustainable livelihoods of our farming communities most at risk. Projects are selected against a comprehensive assessment of 150 supply chains, using more than 50 criteria covering economic, social, environmental, supply reliability and compliance aspects. We aim to make a positive impact on 100,000 direct beneficiaries through 40 projects by 2020. Today, we reach 68,000 beneficiaries through 25 projects, well on our way to meeting our objectives.

What’s unique about our approach is how many Firmenich colleagues are physically present at source, working with farmers, customers and NGOs to explore new business models and improve agricultural processes. A major focus for us is driving inclusive business models where we commit to purchasing a certain portion of the farmers’ harvest while securing fair prices.

Responsible Palm Oil Sourcing
Firmenich sources Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)-certified direct palm oil for all active and new products. Regarding palm oil derivatives, we worked to develop substitutes whenever possible, and when no substitution was possible, we asked our suppliers to either provide us with certification from RSPO or Green Trade Palm.
Last year, we achieved our goal to both reduce our footprint in the palm oil industry and solely source our remaining materials from suppliers using certified sustainable palm oil.
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