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Environment and Resources Environmental & Social Valuation Study

This analysis, which models positive and negative environmental and social impacts of the sourcing, manufacturing, use and disposal of our products, gives us a more comprehensive vision of value creation and will help guide our future sustainability strategy.

The study assessed the environmental impact associated with raw material sourcing and manufacturing activities such as onsite energy, water consumption and waste generation. It clearly showed that negative impacts of raw material sourcing were much larger than manufacturing. The most important impact parameters were climate change and water withdrawal. This is in line with the conclusions of our ongoing analyses of our carbon emissions and our Sustainability Index.

We focused the social valuation part of this analysis on three areas:

• Health and safety improvement initiatives at our sites
• Health benefits of a Firmenich product designed to help customers lower sugar levels in their products
• Farmers’ livelihoods enhanced by our responsible sourcing of Haitian vetiver

On the basis of the methodology used, the study concludes that, overall, the positive values from these social activities outweighed the negative values arising from the environmental impacts of our manufacturing and sourcing activities. The largest positive social values were achieved through the sale of products designed to help lower sugar in consumer products and through our responsible sourcing of Vetiver in Haiti.

We continue to refine our model and our understanding of the economic value associated with our environmental and social impacts and participate in the wider debate of how such impacts should be measured and valued.
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