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Ethics and Excellence Excellence in Quality

Firmenich drives customer satisfaction and success through products and services that exceed expectations. The quality of our ingredient, flavor, and fragrance products is integrated throughout their design, commercialization, and production.

Quality is part of the Firmenich brand and we have a long history of outstanding product quality. An essential goal of corporate sustainability is ensuring that our customers are provided with the quality they expect. For that, we have developed a robust reporting system to accumulate and evaluate our quality statistics.
To reach our goal of leading the industry in product quality, we focus on preventing issues and continuously strengthening our quality control and analytical capabilities throughout our products’ life cycles.

In FY17, supported by a capital investment of CHF 4.57 million, Firmenich exceeded our goal for Customer Quality Index (CQI) – product defects per 1,000 sales order lines – with a 20.7% improvement from last year, reaching a CQI rate of 1.11.
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