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Parternships Flavors Partnerships for Social Innovation

Partnerships are a key feature of our sustainability program. Building partnerships for sustainability is a prerequisite for our initiatives and add direct value to our customers. We have created a strong network of world-class partners, including customers, development agencies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and academic institutions. Our partners contribute specific skills and expertise and help us learn. We believe that by engaging with partners, we increase the credibility and transparency of our sustainability work.

Fruit Juice CSR Platform

Firmenich has been an active member and sponsor of the Juice CSR Platform since its inception in 2013. The Juice CSR Platform is a sustainability initiative for the fruit juice industry, which aims to support, guide, and inspire stakeholders to integrate corporate social responsibility (CSR) throughout the supply chain. The platform facilitates collaboration among all sector and supply chain stakeholders to address sustainability-related opportunities, challenges, and concerns.

Firmenich is the only flavor house associated with the European Fruit Juice Association (AIJN) Sustainability Expert Group, which helped to launch the Juice CSR platform. In 2015, we became a board member of this multistakeholder, global organization focused on increased sustainability in the fruit juice industry.

Many of our flavors, like citrus, are often created with by-products from the juice industry. By collaborating and sharing knowledge with juice industry stakeholders, we are working to ensure the sustainability of certain crops and flavors central to our operations. Our approach is threefold: strive to create more efficient production methods, focus innovation on the future when we may need alternative solutions, and support increased sustainability throughout the juice sector.

In FY17, the Juice CSR Platform focused on three supply initiatives: identifying hotspots in the orange supply chain in Brazil and the apple supply chain from Poland (the Platform wrote an inventory report on CSR issues in Poland’s apple supply chain), and fostering dialogue with pineapple processors in Thailand.

By continually working with the Juice CSR Platform, we hope to extend our impact beyond the flavor and fragrance industry and create positive systemic change. We recognize that to truly achieve scale, we must utilize our multistakeholder partnerships to inspire, innovate, and support sustainable practices.

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