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Building Sustainable Lifestyles with Innovative Perfumery Products Sustainable Lifestyle

The “sustainable lifestyle” movement recently gained momentum, with many of our customers taking on a leadership role.


Firmenich’s vision is to create systemic change, serve as a leader in our industry and beyond, and make sustainability a primary focus for businesses worldwide. By communicating our initiatives, sharing our experiences, and creating leading platforms for change, we are actively bringing sustainability to the forefront of our industry.

This year, we engaged a number of our customers in our sustainability efforts. This collaboration has been essential to our success, enabling us to innovate for sustainable growth. One example of our commitment to such partnering is our work in the Sustainable Lifestyles cluster, convened by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and co-chaired by Firmenich CEO, Gilbert Ghostine. The overarching goal of the Sustainable Lifestyles cluster is to develop solutions that enable, inspire, and engage individuals toward more sustainable lifestyles: if nine billion people are to live well within planetary boundaries, we must explore new infrastructures, technologies, business models, and individual behaviors.

In 2016, we participated in a new collaboration focused on the “sustainable lifestyles of the future” specifically the Whirlpool ReNEWW House (Retrofit Net-Zero Energy Water Waste), a live-in laboratory on Purdue University’s campus in Indiana, U.S. The ReNEWW house is a 1920s three-bedroom home that has been extensively retrofitted and refurbished to be as energy and water efficient as technically possible.

It operates as a live-in research lab and sustainable living showcase. Along with our partners, we leverage our expertise and work together at the house to accelerate the development of new sustainable lifestyles that are smart, healthy, and enjoyable.

During the summer of 2016, the partners initially focused on exploring a range of lifestyle activities around the use of water and energy. They plan to focus on food and diet in the fall of 2017, aiming to develop sustainable, desirable, and enjoyable solutions.


Aligned with our 2020 Pathways to Positive target to improve quality of life through nutrition, hygiene, and sanitation, our Malodor Control Project aims to unravel the mysteries of malodor – as olfaction (sense of smell) is one of the least understood of all the senses. In fact, malodor plays a role in the lack of latrine use in developing countries and, as a result, they face economic, social, and cultural challenges due to lack of sanitation.

To address these problems, organizations are coming together to tackle the technological, psychological, and business challenges.

In this context, Firmenich is reaching out to potential partners to help translate our prototypes – including such products as bleach powders, air fresheners, and cleaning products – into real, affordable solutions for base of the pyramid consumers


Firmenich is a founding member of the Toilet Board Coalition (TBC), a business-led public-private partnership, launched in 2014, that includes multinational corporations, development expert NGOs/IGOs, sanitation entrepreneurs, and investors. The TBC connects large and small companies and ensures close collaboration between all sectors to accelerate the business of sanitation and achieve universal access to sanitation before 2030.

The Toilet Accelerator, launched by the TBC in 2016, is a program that works with promising sanitation business models with the potential to overcome current barriers to access, use, and adherence at scale. More than toilets alone, the accelerator supports commercially viable businesses operating at every stage in the sanitation value chain.

In FY17, Firmenich continued its active role on the TBC’s Steering Committee by enlisting a core team of our colleagues to coach sanipreneurs (sanitation entrepreneurs) and train the sanitation community on our malodor control technologies developed with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation – in alignment with the TBC’s role as an advocacy platform aiming to generate a global sanitation movement.

Firmenich’s collaboration with the TBC complements our research on malodor. The TBC helps us identify partners to ensure our new technologies will widely reach base of the pyramid consumers, particularly in India. In FY17, we supported two strategic feasibility studies with the TBC: on sanitation and digitalization, and on sanitation and circular economy.


Eco design is about “taking into account all the environmental impacts of a product right from the earliest stage of design.”
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Building Sustainable Lifestyles with Innovative Perfumery Products Sustainable Luxury

Our customers, recognized leaders in sustainability, now ask for more sophisticated sustainability reporting and innovation.Beyond environmental sustainability, they look for social responsibility and inclusive business models.
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