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Acacia Gum from Chad

Acacia gums, Chad. Acacia (or Arabic) gums are mostly used for emulsions and encapsulation in beverages and confectionary products. They are often harvested by women in the Sahel Desert, one of the poorest regions in the world, with difficult access to water.

Firmenich began supporting a holistic program designed by SOS Sahel, an international NGO, and two corporate partners. This ambitious program aims at improving living conditions in the heart of Africa for nearly 30,000 farmers and has high impact objectives over the next four years to:

• Double farmers' revenues
• Establish a micro financing system and warehousing facilities
• Increase acacia forest density by 50% in a 10,000-hectare area
• Cut in half the average time needed to access water

Responsible Sourcing Strategy

Firmenich is taking a further step in our responsible sourcing program with a company commitment to engage in an impactful program: Deep Roots 2020. This program aims to secure a sustainable supply of high-quality natural ingredients, in full transparency.
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Firmenich's mint

Firmenich’s unique mint capability provides natural and synthetic flavors to our clients, as both forms are complementary to ensure a sustainable and varied supply.
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People and Communities Vanilla from Madagascar

Despite its biological and cultural richness, Madagascar remains one of the poorest countries in the world. The trade of its Bourbon vanilla—the finest quality of vanilla in the world— is critical to the country’s farmers and its economy. Firmenich has been partnering with its local supplier on sustainability initiatives since 2007.
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