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Firmenich signed a joint venture agreement with Jasmine Concrete Exports PT Ltd. (Chennai, India), a family-owned enterprise and a leading supplier of Indian floral extracts and natural specialties for the fragrance, flavor and cosmetics industries.

Through this unique partnership, Firmenich is moving into vertical integration in a country that offers the world’s largest and most remarkable variety of naturals.

With an outstanding reputation, built over 15 years, Jasmine Concrete Exports PT Ltd. has become a leading supplier of extracts of flowers and other naturals. The company operates two highly efficient manufacturing facilities in Tamil Nadu, India, and has been enjoying constant growth and success since its founding.

This major new partnership is fully aligned with Firmenich’s naturals strategy, which focuses on excellence in sourcing, innovation and production. It also complements the production capabilities of our Naturals Innovation Center in the South of France.

To advance our sustainability programs, we started a baseline to further assess the local supply chain and enhance the livelihoods of farming communities.

Firmenich, Jasmine Concrete and an international non-profit joined forces to conduct primary research using a sample survey of 75 jasmine farmers who collaborate with Jasmine Concrete, 15 external farmers and 21 jasmine pickers in Mettupalayam, India. The goal was to develop insights on the structure, conditions, practices, and challenges surrounding this jasmine farming community.

We found that:
• 82% of jasmine farmers are small or marginal farmers with plots smaller than five hectares
• 100% of farmers consider jasmine grandiflorum farming either very profitable or somewhat profitable
• 96% of households have access to electricity, and at least 89% of jasmine farmers own consumer durables like a television, ceiling fan, two-wheeler or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) stove
• 100% of farmers have access to drinking water and can access medical services within seven kilometers
• Farmers’ children are better educated, by a wide margin in most cases, and 23% of children have completed technical professional courses like engineering and medicine at graduate or post- graduate level

Areas of improvement identified were:
• Farm efficiency
• Untapped potential for intercropping and side revenue for jasmine farmers/pickers
• Jasmine pickers’ working conditions
• Plastic bag use

Firmenich is working with Jasmine Concrete to further implement sustainable agricultural practices and improve communities’ livelihoods.

Responsible Sourcing Strategy

Firmenich is taking a further step in our responsible sourcing program with a company commitment to engage in an impactful program: Deep Roots 2020. This program aims to secure a sustainable supply of high-quality natural ingredients, in full transparency.
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Firmenich's mint

Firmenich’s unique mint capability provides natural and synthetic flavors to our clients, as both forms are complementary to ensure a sustainable and varied supply.
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People and Communities Vanilla from Madagascar

Despite its biological and cultural richness, Madagascar remains one of the poorest countries in the world. The trade of its Bourbon vanilla—the finest quality of vanilla in the world— is critical to the country’s farmers and its economy. Firmenich has been partnering with its local supplier on sustainability initiatives since 2007.
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