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Responsible Sourcing Strategy

Firmenich is taking a further step in our responsible sourcing program with a company commitment to engage in an impactful program: Deep Roots 2020. This program aims to secure a sustainable supply of high-quality natural ingredients, in full transparency.

Firmenich experts are directly involved in these long-standing projects, along with Firmenich suppliers and local non-profits to ensure initiatives bring sustainable, long-term positive impact and guarantee all stakeholders, including farmers, distillers and suppliers, benefit from the changes.

We set six targets for our Deep Roots 2020 Strategy:
• Build 40 responsible sourcing projects
• Reach 100,000 farmers directly through our projects
• Improve the livelihoods of 250,000 farmers
• Work with 20 key suppliers in our Naturals Together strategic platform
• Involve 50 suppliers in a continuous improvement program
• Impact 100 supply chains

Our results include:
In FY17, Firmenich was directly involved in 17 responsible sourcing projects . Existing and new projects focus on:
Developing inclusive business by forming cooperatives, ensuring market security, establishing a fair price mechanism and encouraging direct sourcing
Implementing sustainable agriculture practices by creating intercropping opportunities and building nurseries to provide seedlings
Improving primary transformation of raw materials by upgrading to more efficient and environmentally friendly distillation equipment
Caring for local communities by supporting education, health, biodiversity, and finance initiatives
Partnering with suppliers, non-profits, government agencies and customers, when relevant

Deep Roots 2020 is managed by Firmenich experts in natural raw materials and integrated into our overall sourcing strategy. In FY17, we established a structured and global responsible sourcing organization to establish a physical presence on the ground at all our Deep Roots projects. These colleagues collaborate locally with our suppliers, producers, smallholder farmers, NGOs, and governments to develop responsible sourcing programs more easily and conduct regular in-person assessments to make sure they are on track.

The Deep Roots team, along with their sourcing partners, constantly share experiences, challenges, and best practices to move toward more sustainable supply chains. In February 2017, the team met in Grasse, France, to discuss local certifications, our renewed commitment to the Union for Ethical Biotrade (UEBT), and the human rights assessment of our Naturals supply chain.

Firmenich's mint

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