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People and Communities Vanilla from Madagascar

Despite its biological and cultural richness, Madagascar remains one of the poorest countries in the world. The trade of its Bourbon vanilla—the finest quality of vanilla in the world— is critical to the country’s farmers and its economy. Firmenich has been partnering with its local supplier on sustainability initiatives since 2007.

Working with our Supplier on Responsible Sourcing and Community Projects

In 2011, we helped the farmers’ cooperative we source from prepare for Rainforest Alliance certification that was attained in 2012. In 2013 we established 40 drinking water wells in vanilla farming villages that previously had no access to clean drinking water, and assisted in the establishment of tree and crop nurseries to help farmers diversify their production.

In 2013-2014, in a collaborative effort with our local supplier, Firmenich continued supporting 1,352 members of the farming community by building two new drinking water wells, three tree nurseries for cash crop diversification and reforestation, and providing financial support for a new medical dispensary.

Firmenich has also recently started an ambitious partnership with its local partner to further benefit the farming community in Antsirabe Nord to:
• Improve vanilla farming, harvesting and curing practices to increase yield and quality
• Educate farmers and their families
• Empower local women
• Foster crop diversification and environment protection

Opening a Medical Dispensary in Madagascar

Building on our long-term commitment to responsibly source natural raw materials, Firmenich co-funded a medical dispensary in the Savanille cooperative, a community of vanilla farmers in Madagascar. We collaborated with our local vanilla partner Authentic, French chef Olivier Roellinger and a key vanilla client from the U.S. The initiative was started by local women who saw a need for a dispensary, as the nearest hospital is a four-hour walk away.

Our future plans in Madagascar include shifting from a responsible sourcing model to a responsible business model and welcoming our clients to take part in a dedicated ethical sourcing program with Authentic. We plan to build 12 more classrooms in Madagascar in the next two years, including a preschool, which will be the first in the area.

Responsible Sourcing Strategy

Firmenich is taking a further step in our responsible sourcing program with a company commitment to engage in an impactful program: Deep Roots 2020. This program aims to secure a sustainable supply of high-quality natural ingredients, in full transparency.
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Firmenich's mint

Firmenich’s unique mint capability provides natural and synthetic flavors to our clients, as both forms are complementary to ensure a sustainable and varied supply.
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Firmenich signed a joint venture agreement with Jasmine Concrete Exports PT Ltd. (Chennai, India), a family-owned enterprise and a leading supplier of Indian floral extracts and natural specialties for the fragrance, flavor and cosmetics industries.
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