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Ethics and Excellence Sustainability at Firmenich

Throughout our history, the principles of sustainability have always been a strong focus for Firmenich: as early as 1991, Firmenich signed the International Chamber of Commerce Business Charter for Sustainable Development.

Sustainable Pathways

Firmenich understands global issues, our impact on them and their impact on us, our suppliers, our customers and their consumers. We have a responsibility to tackle these challenges, but simply minimizing our impact is not enough. We must make a positive contribution across our value chain and to society, economies and the environment. We are on the path to net positive.

We focus our activity in areas relevant to our fragrance, flavors and ingredients business units. We are on a journey to find solutions and achieve tangible change.

As we work to develop our 2020 strategy, three priority areas are:

• Enabling sustainable lifestyles and livelihoods
• Maximizing innovation and creativity
• Leveraging collaboration and engagement

We will follow five priority pathways and objectives to reach these goals:

Ethics and Excellence: Raise the bar to ensure the highest standards of governance wherever we are in the world
Environment and Resources: Reduce and positively impact our environmental footprint and maximize resource efficiency
Innovation, Science and Society: Build on our leading innovation to reach the next level of scientific excellence
Partnerships: Firmenich knows that the greatest achievements in sustainability will only be reached by working together with the world's leading experts and academic institutions
People and Communities: Use the knowledge, skills and talent of our people and communities for a positive impact

2020 Targets

We look forward to taking our performance to the next level by 2020, and pursuing 26 sustainability goals.

These five pathways comprise the framework for our sustainability reporting and are discussed in the following sections, identifying our initiatives, achievements and challenges in FY16 against our 26 goals.

In 2014 and 2015, Firmenich took an active role in the stakeholder consultation process on the development of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with the Swiss government.

In FY16, Firmenich participated in a workshop with the United Nations Secretary-General’s Special Adviser on Post-2015 Development Planning during which she noted how companies were more involved in the creation of the SDGs and had started to include sustainability in their business models.

At Firmenich, we are inspired to be part of this global movement aiming at positively transforming society. We have included the SDGs’ 17 social and environmental goals in the development of our 2020 sustainability strategy, especially in our focus on access to hygiene and sanitation, improved nutrition and environmental performance.

In May 2016, we hosted a panel discussion on the SDGs and business in Geneva, Switzerland, with the UN Global Compact. In the future, with the help of our Sustainability Council Members, we will continue being fully engaged in the SDGs and Business projects, including reporting on our progresses against SDG targets.

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