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Environment and Resources Waste

As we continue to improve on how our waste streams are managed, we have focused on reducing the waste sent to landfill. Reducing waste at the source, finding ways in which waste could be recycled as well as opportunities to generate energy from waste all contribute to reducing waste to landfill.

Our 2016 Performance

A priority at Firmenich is to continually reduce waste and embrace circular models. We strive to send zero waste to landfill at 100% of our manufacturing sites and reduce waste generation by 15%.

This year, our waste generation rate remained stable against our FY15 baseline. In FY16, 40% (10 of 25) of our manufacturing sites reported that they sent zero waste to landfill. This compares well with FY15 (28% of sites).

Our Princeton and Newark, New Jersey, sites in the U.S. are having their zero waste-to-landfill claims verified under the Green Circle scheme, which involves a detailed audit of waste disposal routes.

Case Studies


In 2015, employees at our manufacturing site in Dahej, India, found they were losing ingredients within a distillation waste stream. Due to the waste’s thick nature, additional solvent was needed to increase fluidity of the resulting liquid. To decrease waste and solvent usage, the site:
• Revised the distillation process to recover ingredients from the waste residue
• Used waste solvent otherwise burned to make the residue more liquid

These two measures led to a one-off saving of CHF 440,000 and sustainable savings of CHF 315,000 per year, which are expected to increase year after year.


Firmenich China reduced hazardous waste from their perfumery spray drying operation by optimizing the clean-in-place (CIP) process. The first CIP rinse has a high organic concentration and is now stored in liquid storage tanks for extraction and reuse in future batches. The project could cut total site hazardous waste generation by 50% and significantly reduce the raw materials used.

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