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Environment and Resources Waste

As we continue to improve on how our waste streams are managed, we have focused on reducing the waste sent to landfill. Reducing waste at the source, finding ways in which waste could be recycled as well as opportunities to generate energy from waste all contribute to reducing waste to landfill.

Our 2017 Performance

A priority at Firmenich is to continually reduce waste and embrace circular models. We strive to send zero waste to landfill at 100% of our manufacturing sites and reduce waste generation by 15%.

in FY17, we reached:

Case Studies


Recognizing that our use of solvent for cleaning perfumery equipment has increased, we developed a program to recycle the solvent rather than disposing of it as hazardous waste. Working together with the quality department, the project team is implementing plans to recycle the used solvent without compromising product quality. This innovative project is estimated to reduce the disposal of this hazardous waste by approximately 90% (18 tonnes) a year.


In Anaheim, California, we are sending nonhazardous waste from dust collectors and unusable product to an energy-from-waste (EfW) facility, rather than to landfill. Currently, we send 24% of our site’s nonhazardous process waste for energy recovery; we plan to reach 100% by 2020.

The EfW facility burns the waste in special boilers that ensure complete combustion, to recover energy as steam and electricity. This is used to help power the community in which the facility operates. The boilers are fitted with state-of-the-art pollution control equipment to remove and filter emissions, preventing their release into the environment. The result is cleaner energy and a reduction in waste-to-landfill.
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