Company foundation:

1895 in Geneva, Switzerland 

Group turnover:

2.95 billion Swiss Francs (June 2014)

Average growth per year :

Around 7% (since 1989)

World market share:

Around 14%

No. of employees worldwide:

Over 6'000

Global presence:

in 64 countries

No. of operations worldwide:

63, out of which 28 manufacturing sites

No. of agencies worldwide:


Research  centers:

4, Geneva, Princeton, Shanghai and Gujarat

R&D  awards:

35 prizes and awards including a Nobel Prize.

Patents presently in force:

Over 2'000

Annual turnover invested in R&D:

Around 10%


The world's leading multinational manufacturers of food, beauty, household and fabric care products,
as well as pharmaceuticals.

Flavor segments:

Beverages: liquid carbonated, powder drinks, tea, coffee, alcoholic drinks, etc.

Sweet Goods: bakery, desserts, cereals, dairy, etc.

Savory Foods: snacks, soups, sauces, fats & oils, etc.

Perfumery segments:

Fine Fragrance: men’s and women’s perfume, eau de parfum, eau de toilette and eau de Cologne.

Body Care: hair care, soaps, deodorants, body wash, cosmetics, etc.

Home Care: surface care, laundry care, air care, etc.

Ingredients: Hedione®, Furaneol®, Habanolide®, Muscenone™, Helvetolide®, Cetalox®, Damascenone, Norlimbanol™ .... and more recently Fructalate™, Sclareolate®, Romandolide®, Koumalactone®, Delphol™ HC, Splendione™