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Firmenich Progresses Commitment to Responsible Business, Establishing a Governance and Sustainability Committee in its Board

Geneva, Switzerland, March 4th, 2022 -

Firmenich, the world’s largest privately-owned fragrance and taste company, today announces that its Board has approved changes to the structure and composition of its Board committees.


The revised Board committee structure entails the creation of a ‘Governance and Sustainability Committee’ and a ‘Human Capital Committee.’


The Governance and Sustainability Committee, chaired by Barbara Kux, will oversee Firmenich’s ESG strategy, including defining the ESG metrics and reporting standards, and reviewing the company’s ESG performance against its goals and external benchmarks.


The Human Capital Committee, chaired by Patrick Firmenich, will oversee Firmenich’s Human Capital strategy. It will be responsible for compensation and nominations, and review the company’s performance against its Human Capital goals, including Diversity & Belonging.


Also, the existing Finance, Audit and Risk Committee will be responsible for reviewing the reported ESG results, in addition to its current responsibilities.


“I am delighted to announce the evolution of our Board committee structure, which is an integral next step for continuing to advance Firmenich’s ESG ambitions,” said Patrick Firmenich, Chairman of the Board. “Acting on climate change, embracing nature and caring about people are at the forefront of everything we do, as we strive to do business for good. The new committee structures will ensure ESG remains at the forefront of all Board decisions.”


Firmenich’s overarching ESG strategy is focused on three pillars: Acting on Climate Change; Embracing Nature; and Caring about People. The Board believes that the new Committee structure will support the company in achieving its ambitions across each of its ESG pillars.


In accordance with the company’s statutes, the Board has approved the composition of the Governance and Sustainability Committee, and the Finance, Audit and Risk Committee, and the shareholders approved the composition of the Human Capital Committee at a shareholders’ meeting held on March 3rd.


The composition of the Committees is as follows:


Governance and Sustainability Committee


  • Barbara Kux (Chair)

  • Antoine Firmenich

  • Diana Oltramare

  • Ajai Puri


Human Capital Committee


  • Patrick Firmenich (Chair)

  • Karen Jones

  • André Pometta

  • Ajai Puri


Finance, Audit & Risk Committee


  • Pierre Bouchut (Chair)

  • Antoine Firmenich

  • André Pometta

  • Richard Ridinger



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Head of Investor Relations



Ingvild Van Lysebetten

VP Group Communications



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