Using less more efficiently

Conserving water

Water is precious and scarce in many parts of the world. Some 3.5 billion people could experience water scarcity by 2025 if action is not taken. We are cutting our water use rate, especially in regions facing higher water risks, and work towards zero impact.


We signed the UN Global Compact’s CEO Water mandate in 2012 and actively contribute to the UN SDG  6 – ‘Ensuring availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all’.


Water for Flavor & Fragrance manufacturing

We use very little water to make our fragrances and flavors, which we supply to customers in concentrated formulas. 


The water we do use is mainly for cleaning, after which it is treated and returned to the water system. To reduce consumption and ensure water quality, we set standards above minimum regulatory requirements.



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Our Performance

We use the World Resource Institute’s Aqueduct Water Risk Atlas and the World Wildlife Fund’s (WWF) Water Risk Filter to evaluate water risks and use at all our manufacturing sites. 

Ten of these are in more highly water-stressed areas, and we focus our efforts on restoring ecosystems and increasing efficiency and reuse at these locations. 

In 2020, we reduced our water usage in water-stressed areas by 12.5%, recognizing this is below our 25% target, we are working hard to conserve water even more effectively to meet target by 2022.



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Acting on climate, water and waste

Urgent and concerted global action is needed to address climate change. We are acting to minimize our impact on climate change and aim to lead our industry towards zero carbon emission.

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