Sourcing for Good

Working responsibly with suppliers

Embracing Nature starts in our natural supply chain and we have been introducing positive practices with our most trusted suppliers for many years.


Sourcing responsibly has always been a critical element for all Firmenich buyers. In the past five years, we have created specialized programs to strengthen our responsible sourcing commitment, including with our natural ingredients suppliers. As a result, we have transformed our governance with the launch of a new end-to-end Responsible Sourcing Steering Committee, sponsored by our Chief Purchasing Officer and coordinated by our Chief Sustainability Officer.


We work closely with our natural raw materials suppliers on how to best respect nature; and  our new Responsible Sourcing Policy provides  a guidance framework  on biodiversity protection. The policy also guides how we structure our biodiversity management through our partnership with the Union for Ethical BioTrade, which audits biodiversity risks at field level.

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Together with our suppliers on specific projects, we drive biodiversity regeneration. For instance, we co-invested in programs promoting forest restoration in Guatemala and regenerative agriculture practices for jasmine smallholders in India.


Read our Responsible Sourcing Policy


UEBT Membership

We were the first Fragrance & Flavors company to join UEBT in 2014 via our Center of Excellence on Naturals in Grasse. We are scaling up our collaboration with UEBT to reinforce our sourcing in natural value chains and on Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS) implementation. 
Our Director of Biodiversity Strategy and Compliance is a member of the UEBT Board of Directors.



Learn more about our ABS due diligence Learn more about our ABS due diligence
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Responsible palm oil

In line with our commitments on palm oil, we are continuously promoting sustainability – via our responsible sourcing policy and our work on traceability with stakeholders. This is reinforced by our commitment to only source RSPO-certified materials for direct palm oil and direct palm oil derivatives, and the RSPO Mass Balance (MB) certification of our Flavors and Perfumery plants in Geneva, Switzerland  - the first Firmenich site to become certified in June 2020. Read our Palm Oil Statement here.

Our Palm Oil Statement

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Flower Gems of India

In the Tamil Nadu region of India, we are working with a luxury brand and our joint venture partner, Jasmine Concrete, on an innovative flower farming project, Flower Gems of India. More than 100 family-owned farms are benefiting from our investment in soil restoration, water supply management and other best practices to improve incomes and product quality – creating a sustainable farming model that can serve future generations.


Collective action on biodiversity

Since 2011, we have invested in the three Livelihoods Funds. As a founding member of the Livelihoods carbon funds, we contributed reforestation projects with our partners by planting 150 million trees and helping 1 million people climb out of poverty. Listen to the Livelihoods story in this podcast and find out more here

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As one of the 19 founding members of One Business for Biodiversity (OP2B), a global coalition of like-minded companies committed to restoring biodiversity, we contribute to regeneration in agriculture across our supply chain and product portfolios. OP2B has a strong voice and mission: to encourage policy initiatives that transform current food and agriculture systems to better protect and restore biodiversity. Find out more here.


Firmenich is playing an active role in the SBT for Nature working group

to contribute to setting such targets. 

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In July 2020, we joined the Call to Action calling on governments to

urgently adopt policies to reverse nature loss in this decade.

Find out more here.


Firmenich is member of two force: the one on the Nagoya Protocol as Vice-Chair and on on Responsible Sourcing

We contribute expertise and advocate reinforced common standards at industry level. 


Regenerating nature's resources and soil

Natural resources are part of balanced ecosystems including soils. When you source from nature you might upset this balance. This is why we are committed to actions and practices that regenerate this natural balance. We do so via concrete field projects driven by our active memberships with UEBT and OP2B and as a signatory to the Call to Action from Business for Nature.

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Through the Livelihoods Funds, we have run a successful reforestation and community support project in the Cerro San Gil region of Guatemala, working closely with our partner Nelixia, a local NGO called Fundaeco, and native Mayan communities.

Helping preserve forests

Approximately one billion people rely on forests for their livelihoods. These natural ecosystems also help stabilize the climate, support biodiversity and are a source of vital medicines – while being under severe threat with 30% of original global forest cover cleared and 20% degraded.


Firmenich is committed to help preserve forests and our initiatives include: 

-    Our risk management tool takes into consideration deforestation threats faced by our industry and helps us identify potential issues

-    Using open data tools such as Global Forest Watch, which helps businesses and NGOs to monitor deforestation in a dynamic ‘real time’ way

-    We encourage suppliers to respond to the CDP Forest Disclosure Survey in order to understand and address any risks and gaps in our supply chain and determine corrective actions.

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Embracing Nature

Nature gives us everything. It inspires our creations, supplies us with precious ingredients and drives our innovation. 

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