Global Expertise

Regulatory & Labeling

Our robust regulatory and product safety teams make us your trusted partner for creating total flavor solutions that meet your label requirements and provide the authenticity consumers expect from your product.

Regulatory & Labeling

Our Commitment to You

We ensure the highest level of regulatory expertise and are dedicated to advocacy efforts to enable the long-term sustainability of our industry.

Regulation Involvement

We work closely with local government entities around the world and participate in trade organizations to actively design and monitor new regulations.

Trusted Documentation

We maintain a complete global regulatory database containing the legislative status of flavoring materials and ingredients to provide you timely and trustful documentation.

Constant Monitoring

We constantly monitor country acceptability, product breakdown, nutritional and allergen info, and more.

Built on a Foundation of Safety

Consumer trust starts with an expectation of the highest quality standards. Food protection (which includes food safety, food defense, and food fraud mitigation) is a key component of product safety and product security assurance. Our leadership and commitment to food safety is recognized by our customers and the industry alike, and is clearly demonstrated by our record, including:


  • Zero consumer product recalls involving products supplied by Firmenich

  • Zero product non-compliances on flavors provided by Firmenich to a global client

  • Successful implementation of the Food Safety System Certification FSSC22000 V4.1

Food Safety


Understanding that Goes Beyond

To succeed in today’s food & beverage industry, we believe adherence to regulatory and labeling requirements is just the starting point. Understanding why those requirements came to be and the drivers that influence them can give your product the edge it needs to stand out to your consumers. Throughout our 125 year history, Firmenich has built an expansive understanding and expertise of the regulations, consumer perceptions, and cultural expectations across each of our customers’ markets.

Human Insights

Flavoring Solutions

Flavors to Suit Every Label Requirement

We provide you an extensive portfolio of beverage flavors and ingredients to delight your consumers and meet your product, label and claim requirements.


  • A full range of consumer loved tonalities: Citrus, Red Berries, Tropical and Yellow fruits, Mint, Coffee, Tea, Botanicals, Vanilla and Brown Notes like Caramel and Chocolate

  • A portfolio of Natural and Organic compliant Flavors and Extracts to meet regional and local regulatory needs

  • A demonstrated commitment to the most ethical, traceable and sustainable supply chain to ensure end-to-end management of critical natural raw materials and consistent quality and continuation of supply

Flavoring Solutions Flavoring Solutions
Flavor Portfolio

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