125 Years of Firmenich

Our Legacy

Firmenich is not just the largest privately-owned fragrance and taste business in its industry. It is also the name of a Family that has been personally committed to its Colleagues, Customers, Communities & Creativity for more than 125 years.


Timeless Commitment

Only the greatest companies make it this far, those that reinvent themselves era after era, while staying true to themselves.
Discover our unique legacy as creators of timeless emotions for 125 years and many more to come!

From a Start-up to a Global House of Creators

Discover Our Story

Firmenich was founded as a start-up in Geneva on November 1st, 1895 in the garage of Charles Firmenich by Philippe Chuit, a visionary creator and scientist, in association with Martin Naef, a shrewd businessman. They were quickly joined in their endeavor by Frédéric Firmenich, a pioneering entrepreneur.


Building on this legacy, today we are the world’s leading privately-owned fragrance & taste company.

Start the Journey

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