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sharing innovation

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Enriching sensorial experiences for consumers worldwide

Rose damascena

Vanilla Sourcing

Revolutionizing Ingredient Traceability

Vanilla planifolia, also known as Bourbon vanilla, is the most widely grown and commonly used Vanilla in the world.


Implemented in over 60 villages and partnering with over 3,000 farmers, our Path2Farm™ vanilla program is making an agricultural and social impact across Madagascar.
To ensure that our farmers are aligned with our sustainable ambitions, we provide agricultural services, such as direct trainings with the farmers, focused on ethical and sustainable farming practices.


On the business side, we have built tree nurseries to provide additional seedlings for enhanced production. We also advise them to diversify their crops, beyond vanilla, to become more resilient and receive a more diverse source of income.
In the Andapa and Savanille regions, where the majority of our vanilla is sourced, Firmenich is working with local communities to setup elementary schools for the children of our partnering farmer communities.

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