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A sustainable extraction process




CO2 extraction does not use water at any time in the process or during the clean-up. Furthermore, without leftover water in the final product, disposal is much cleaner and easier, less energy consuming process compared to other processes.

Products with no leftover water are also easy to upcycle and store, keep safe and avoid microbe contamination.



Without any solvent residues in the final product, leftovers are clean and good for the environment. Energy is saved from energy it takes to concentrate and evaporate solvents. Exhausted raw materials after extraction are put as non-solvent leftover raw materials, reuiring less resources and energy.


Pioneer & leader since 1995


From legacy to state-of-the-art innovation

From the 80’s and the first industrial applications of supercritical CO2 extraction, Firmenich has designed game changing ingredients.


These natural & sustainable ingredients are inspiring perfumers and flavorists for the most beautiful creations.


1986 - 1995

  • 1986

    • Firmenich acquires a pilot plant

  • 1987

    • First acquisition of an industrial extractor

  • 1995

    • First Pink Pepper SFE, developed by Firmenich for the very first time and corner stone of the iconic perfume Pleasures (Estée Lauder)


1998 - 2008

  • 1998

    • The technology is used to purify primary solvent extracts

  • 2007

    • SFE is used as an alternative to banned solvent extractions

  • 2008

    • Essential oil fractionation by supercritical CO2 extraction 

rose SFE

2009 - 2019

  • 2009

    • Creation of the Firmenich Center of Expertise in Grasse (South of France)

  • 2016

    • Firmenich strengthens its position by launching in exclusivity for one of its customer, the first ever fresh flower extracts

  • 2019

    • Acquisition of supercritical C02 extraction technology unit from Evonik in Trostberg (Germany), introducing the liquid liquid extracts into Firmenich portfolio - patented in 2015

A journey to natural transformation

Discover Firmenich Supercritical Fluid Extraction process, proven to be safe for the halal, casher, and organic production of extracts.

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