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Conscious Consumer

Understanding and engaging with consumers globally

We have entered the era of conscious consumption. Consumers are increasingly embracing a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. They want reassurance, authenticity and responsible action. 


Initiated in 2019 with 5,000 consumers in four key regions across both Perfumery and Flavor divisions, our worldwide Conscious Consumer program offers an in-depth understanding of the Conscious Consumer. It captures and quantifies their perception, attitudes and understanding, and addresses their top four progressive values : environment, social purpose, transparency and health & wellbeing. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have invested in further consumer surveys to track the continued and accelerated evolution of their needs.


We work hand in hand with our customers to integrate sustainability into their strategy and accelerate responsible, innovative fragrance development to enhance their competitive advantage with the Conscious Consumer. 

Our creation capabilities, informed by these key insights, integrate how to enhance trust through transparency and claims, while maximizing sensorial experience and respecting the planet and its people.

We created a natural and sustainable Scent for Good collection of fragrances that are suited to different brand purpose and needs and positively contribute to product relevance for the Conscious Consumer.

Conscious Consumer