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EcoScent Compass™

A breakthrough in fragrance transparency

Providing meaningful, accountable and transparent information is key in delivering and improving our performance. It also satisfies growing consumer interest for conscious consumption and responsible products.


We developed the industry’s first holistic fragrance sustainability measurement tool, EcoScent Compass™. This determines a fragrance’s sustainability footprint across three criteria: intrinsic green properties, environmental and social impact.


EcoScent Compass™ builds on our ingredients’ natural and sustainable properties, and is based on globally recognized metrics and guidelines, cutting across the European Commission work on Product Environmental Footprint (PEF), IFRA’s guidelines for Sustainable Fragrances, and WBCSD’s social impact measurement for chemical products. It is the first tool to bring a standardized and replicable approach to measure sustainability across different players of the industry.


Based on the Firmenich Ingredients Index, we assess each fragrance against three pillars:

  1. Its intrinsic green properties of renewability, biodegradability and green chemistry, linked to the nature of the ingredients chosen by our perfumers within each fragrance.
  2. The environmental data delivering an environmental footprint score, carbon and water impact.
  3. A social impact score, based on health, safety and labor standards at our manufacturing sites and across our supply chain for all type of ingredients.

All our naturals are responsibly sourced, and our objective is to provide maximum traceability, not only at producer level but also at source with farmers, working with our Naturals Together™ partners. 

EcoScent Compass™ enables our creation teams, customers and today’s conscious consumers to make educated decisions based on a scent’s composition across Fine Fragrance and Consumer Fragrance products. 


Further than transparency, EcoScent Compass™ positions Firmenich as a thought-leader by proactively setting ambitions and elevating Fragrance sustainability, thanks to our optimization of fragrance design and manufacturing.

With CreateForGood™ and EcoScent Compass™, we are leading the new era of conscious perfumery.