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Helping our customers make delicious products that bring positive emotions to consumers around the world is what drives us each day. Our comprehensive range of flavors combined with our technologies across Beverages, Sweet, and Savory categories equip us with the tools to create winning products to delight your consumers.


From creation to engineering, sustainability to regulatory expertise to our deep and nuanced understanding of consumer taste preferences, we’re committed to getting the details right in order to be your trusted product development partner. We love the science behind taste. What inspires us most is the opportunity to collaborate with you to create the perfect product—and providing people sensational experiences they’ll never forget.

Flavor & Naturals - Berries

The Right Flavor for Every Moment and Requirement

Traditional Flavors


Taste the difference of creativity and quality


Whether your product is sweet or savory, baked or boiled, soft and chewy or cool and refreshing, our flavors ensure that it brings your consumers positive emotions with every eating experience.

Natural Flavors

Natural & Organic Flavors

Experience flavor the way nature intended


Through advanced science and flavor artistry, our naturals & organic palette is second to none. We control the end-to-end management of our palette, including our own certified-organic manufacturing facilities to ensure the highest quality, responsible sourcing, and availability of raw materials. We excel at capturing the exact, real and vibrant notes with minimal processing that your consumers desire from natural & organic ingredients.

Natural Flavors

Flavorful Ingredients

Easy to understand products for conscious consumers


Using the latest technology in gentle extraction and processing techniques combined with sourcing partnerships directly with growers through our #NaturalsTogether program, Firmenich is a world leader in ingredients that bring aroma and taste. We select the finest quality fruits and botanicals of noble origins for our infusions, tinctures, extracts and distillates. Finally, our chef designers usereal kitchen cooking techniques to create rich culinary concentrates for impactful savory products.


Creativity is our Essence

Our Creators are the heart of our business. We are proud to have the best flavorists, scientists, and food technologists in the industry. We are committed to providing them with the most advanced resources, ongoing training, and comprehensive raw material palette to empower them to create winning flavors that inspire moments of pleasure and delight for consumers worldwide.


Creativity is our Essence
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Expertise from Experience

With over 4,000 natural ingredients, we have the broadest palette in the industry. Our vast experience ensures that the unique qualities, regional adaptions and performance that drive consumer preference are present in your new product flavoring. We also bring you even more specialized knowledge across timeless consumer favorites including:

Fruits & Berries

Fruits & Berries





Coffee, Tea & Botanicals

Coffee, Tea & Botanicals




Natural Extracts


Using both traditional and innovative new soft extraction techniques we are able to preserve the real taste of nature at its best. This means enhanced emotional flavor experiences for consumers seeking reassurance on sourcing and processing, while you can be confident that your product delivers consistent taste perception.




Authentic to Nature

100% from the named source using the truest to botanical starting material


Claims Consumers Can Trust

Zero process solvents used. Kosher & halal, organic suitable or certified available.


Customized for Your Need

Patented liquid process enables tailor-made profiles and flexibility in carrier solvents


Quality That Brings Value

Highly concentrated solutions made possible by gentle extraction conditions that deliver 3+ year shelf life



Tell your Brand Story Starting at the Source

Our goal is as simple as it is ambitious: to offer our creators and customers the most innovative and comprehensive palette of natural ingredients, while operating the most traceable, ethical and sustainable value chain to ensure consistent quality and continuation of supply.

Responsible Sourcing
Vanilla Plant


Satisfying Your Conscious Consumer

As consumer demand for natural and sustainable products continues to rise, it is important to understand the implications of their preferences on new product development.


The Firmenich Conscious Consumer global study was recently conducted with the goal to understand the consumer attitude towards conscious consumption. With powerful insights derived from four distinct areas necessary to succeed in today’s conscious consumer market, we can help co-design your next natural product that positively contributes to a sustainable future while delivering exceptional preferred taste. Discover more Human Insights:

Human Insights
Human Insights Consumer Shopping


Deliver Flavor Impact for Your Desired Experience

Whether a succulent chicken flavor for a soup, a caramel mocha flavor for a dessert, or a tangy citrus fruit flavor for a powdered beverage, Firmenich has the technology and expertise to deliver the flavor profile, off-note masking, release, protection and particle size to create the optimal experience for your consumers.

Our Technologies

The Right Partner for Your Success

Each new product comes with its own unique market goals, objectives and requirements. Choosing the right partner is the difference in achieving a successful product launch.

Flavor Creation

Our Flavorists shape the future of taste and nutrition through creative combinations of flavors that surprise and delight consumers-bringing your product the emotional impact you seek.

Application Expertise

We have established a global and regional network of application specialists who have the tools and know-how to formulate to your specifications and individual requirements.

Global Regulatory Understanding

Through our dedicated collaboration with global regulatory bodies we have the expertise to ensure your product meets your labeling goals with the authenticity your consumer expects.

How can our flavors make a difference in your product?