BOTANICAL Canarium luzonicum
CAS# 0008023890
FEMA# 2408
Olfactive family
Product type
Olfactive description

Spicy, peppery, lemony.
The fresh top note has a green facet while the bottom note evokes Frankincense and Pink peppercorn.
SFE process offers a cleaner profile, more vertical than the essential oil, with long-lastingness.

Perfumery usage

ELEMI SFE is used to add a fresh note to woody, spicy and zesty perfumes, mainly in masculine fragrances.
The SFE process preserves all the facets and the natural profile identity to guarantee a high purity extract.


Supercritical CO2 Extraction is a technology in which carbon dioxide, put beyond its critical point (73 bars and 30°C), becomes a supercritical fluid with special properties.
The extraction carried out at a low temperature preserves the natural profile identity of the raw material.

Did you know ?

Extracted part: gum.
Small incisions in the trunk trees exude a fragrant white fluid from the opening known as Elemi gum. Tapping is done once a day during one week on the same bark incision before collecting the gum.

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