Olfactive family
Earthy - Mossy
Product type
Olfactive description

Woody, mossy, very long-lasting with the typical marine seaweed facet of the traditional Oakmoss extract.

Through the range of FIRBEST MOSSES, perfumers will rediscover the olfactory profile of old-time traditional Mosses.

Perfumery usage

OAKMOSS RES FIRBEST contains no trace of natural Oakmoss.

The maximum recommended dosage is 2%.

• Firbest Mosses are used at a ratio of 1/1 versus natural Moss extracts.
• Clearer in color than traditional natural extracts, it can be used in a greater number of applications.
• The use of carrier ensures perfect solubility and is convenient in automated workshops.


FIRABS and FIRBEST are the result of a harmonious synergy between our perfumers, our natural specialists and our scientists, these ingredients comes from a Co-extraction of natural and synthetic ingredients of which some are captives.

Did you know ?

In response to the regulations on natural extracts or to a creative need, Firmenich has developed FIRBEST.
These specialties contain naturals but NOT the named ingredient.