BOTANICAL Elettaria cardamomum
CAS# 0008000666
FEMA# 2241
Organoleptic family
Product type
Essential Oil
Recommended tasting dosage
3 ppm
Taste Descriptors

Citrus fresh lemon spicy woody


Firmenich sources Cardamom in Guatemala thanks to its Joint Venture in Central & Latin America, with Nelixia, leader of Cardamom EO and #NaturalsTogether partner.
Along Nelixia and a local NGO, Firmenich has implemented a long-term sourcing project on a responsible and traceable basis. The focus is on Cerro san Gil area, a natural reserve where deforestation is critical. The project managed to reach 100% of traceability, to increase local communities’ empowerment and incomes by reorganizing the supply chain without external intermediaries and establishing a drying facility easily accessible for Q'eqchis communities.
Trees have been planted for reforestation, offering a diversification of revenues for farmers and shade for cardamom fields, which increases the crop yield.

Benefits in use

The cardamom Guatemala essential oil can be used in various spice blends or savory flavors. It also brings a typical minty floral, and woody effect to various fruit flavors, and freshness to citrus compositions.

Did you know ?

Extracted part: seeds and pods.
Standard yield: fresh plant = 2.3-6%.
110 kg of fresh seeds (22 kg of dried seed) to produce 1 kg of Essential Oil.
This ingredient is both convenient for perfumery and flavor applications.

Sourcing countries