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Sao Paulo, Brazil, October 30, 2017 - Firmenich officially inaugurated its manufacturing plant for encapsulated flavors in Sao Paulo, Brazil in the presence of customers, partners and its Executive Committee. Serving as a center of excellence for encapsulated technologies in Latin America, this new facility offers its customers increased competitiveness and speed-to-market for the Group’s core encapsulated flavor technologies, Durarome® Aromatic and Flexarome®.

“This significant investment reflects the strategic importance of Brazil, a critical market for Firmenich for the past 65 years,” said Gilbert Ghostine, CEO, Firmenich. “This center of excellence for encapsulated technologies enables us to develop competitive winning solutions for our customers’ with greater speed-to-market, while optimizing our environmental footprint.”

Durarome® Aromatic and Flexarome® are part of the company’s iconic brand of encapsulated flavors, Encapsolutions, which deliver maximum taste experience for consumers. “Helping our customers meet the needs of their consumers is the cornerstone of our business,” said Chris Millington, President of Flavors. “We are thrilled to have additional capacity here in Sao Paulo to offer the best-in-class encapsulated flavors to our customers across Latin America.”

Durarome® sustains a product’s fresh taste throughout its shelf-life, particularly powdered soft drinks and oxidation sensitive products such as citrus and tropical flavors like mango and passionfruit, which are popular in Latin America. This authentic freshness in flavor ensures a desirable taste experience for consumers. Flexarome® is a process-resistant and multi-dimensional flavor solution which acts in synergy with food and beverage products to intensify the taste impact and pleasure, by protecting flavor authenticity. This technology is used across categories such as bakery and cereal, hot drinks confectionary and culinary products. Specifically for savory applications, it can be used when replacing natural spices like onion, garlic, and pepper in your final product.

To advance Firmenich’s ambitious 2020 environmental goals, this cutting-edge plant is designed to not only increase the Group’s operational efficiency but also to optimize its environmental footprint by reducing water consumption by 20% and energy consumption and waste by 15%.

Learn more about Firmenich’s commitments to sustainable operations and improving its environmental footprint in its “Performance and Sustainability Report 2017.” To view it, click here.

Firmenich has been well established in Brazil since 1952. Employing more than 400 people, Firmenich Brazil spans two sites, including a world-class Creative Development Center, along with commercial and operational capabilities to best meet its customers’ needs with innovative and locally-relevant solutions.

About Firmenich
Firmenich is the world’s largest privately-owned company in the fragrance and flavor business. Founded in Geneva, Switzerland, in 1895, it has created many of the world’s best-known perfumes and flavors that billions of consumers enjoy each day. Its passion for smell and taste is at the heart of its success. It is renowned for its world-class research and creativity, as well as its thought leadership in sustainability and exceptional understanding of consumer trends. Each year, it invests 10% of its turnover in R&D, reflecting its continuous desire to understand, share and sublimate the best that nature has to offer. Firmenich had an annual turnover of 3.34 billion Swiss Francs at end June 2017.
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