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Firmenich delivered strong results in its Fiscal Year 2019 (FY19), delivering 3.9 billion Swiss Francs in net sales. With our customers’ success top of mind, we advanced our business in many ways.


We announced four acquisitions in key markets of the future, from India and China to the United States and Italy. We opened eight new facilities in high growth markets to deliver fast pace innovation. We delivered cutting edge technologies, currently counting 3,700 active patents. With sustainability at the heart of our business, we were recognized as a global environmental and social leader.

As creators of emotions through the senses of taste and smell, touching over four billion people around the world every day, we want to be positive in all senses: for our people, the planet and society.

That’s why our purpose is to:

Create positive emotions to enhance wellbeing, naturally.

Throughout these pages you will read about the many ways our 8,000 colleagues are bringing our purpose to life across our 100+ markets every day:

  • Spreading moments of happiness;
  • Making healthier taste delicious;
  • Accelerating wellness;
  • Preserving nature; and
  • Leading our business responsibly.

  • To give you a sense of the breadth and depth of our work, we are proud to share some key highlights with you.


    We are a “people business”, creating value through our science and expertise.

    As we grow, our key challenge is to make our “big company feel smaller” every day.

    That’s why we strive to offer a safe and inclusive workplace, where all our colleagues can thrive.

    We are the seventh company in the World and the only player in our industry to be globally certified as a gender-equal employer.

    Going well beyond gender equality, our commitment to diversity spans a mix of backgrounds, race, age, experience and people with different abilities.


    Nature is the beginning and end of everything we do, our greatest inspiration and the source of our most precious ingredients. That’s why we set ourselves ambitious environmental goals with the vision to be carbon neutral.

    We are delighted to see how far we have come since we signed the Paris Pledge at COP 21. Today, we are recognized as a global environmental leader, one of only two companies worldwide, out of more than 7,000, to have achieved triple “AAA” with CDP, in Climate, Water and Forestry.

    We are clearly decoupling our growth from our CO2 emissions. Since 2015, our manufacturing output has increased by 18%, while our Scope 1 & 2 CO2 emissions declined by 30%. We will keep on broadening this gap!


    With Research as our engine of growth, we put our leading science of taste and smell to work to enhance wellbeing, actively addressing key societal challenges such as nutrition and sanitation.

    Tackling today’s malnutrition crisis, our latest taste modulation technology TastePRINT™ reduces up to 100% of added sugar naturally. Throughout our Fiscal Year 2019, we removed 215 metric tons of sugar, 870 billion calories, from food and beverage products that consumers love.

    Accelerating access to sanitation, our breakthrough malodor control technologies are currently reaching populations in need through affordable toilet cleaning products in Bangladesh and under trial in India.

    Growth is good; responsible growth is even better.

    Since our creation in 1895, Firmenich has always been more than a company, we are a family with a unique legacy of responsible business. It gives us much pride to be recognized as the most “Sustainable Family Business” in Switzerland.

    We owe our performance to the trust of our customers and, naturally, the passion, professionalism and endless creativity of our colleagues!

    On behalf of the Board and our Executive Committee, we sincerely thank all of Firmenich’s 8,000 colleagues for living our purpose every day. We invite you to discover some of their stories by clicking on the link below.

    Living our purpose starts right here, right now, with all of us! We invite you to join us to make an even bigger difference together!

    Discover more in our Firmenich Talks Purpose Magazine .
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