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Clean Label

In a world of increasingly label-conscious consumers, we are committed to going beyond the label to provide end-to-end traceability in an easy to understand format, from the source of the ingredients and country of origin, all the way to the production process.

Authentic, natural, sustainable, ethical Food & Beverages

Beyond naturals, consumers are now demanding more transparency in their food and beverages, which in part means cleaner and easier to understand labels on products. This requires the development of new flavor solutions, using carefully selected food ingredients and food processes that translate into consumer-friendly label declarations.
Great tasting natural solutions
Consumers desire great taste experiences. And they won’t sacrifice “delicious” for “clean,” no matter how detailed your label or how responsible your sourcing. Navigating this landscape can be difficult, but also presents exciting opportunities for innovation and growth. At Firmenich, we're meeting the challenge by delivering taste experiences consumers prefer, in ways that support the transparency and responsibility they value.
End-to-end traceability
Firmenich is committed to ethical sourcing, high quality ingredients and traceability, and has numerous programs to support farming communities. With Naturals Together, we build long-term partnerships at the source with some of the world’s best natural producers. Deep Roots is our program to support the sustainable livelihoods of our farming communities most at risk.
Regulatory Expertise
Differing consumer expectations and regulations around the world create complexity that requires global compliance expertise that only Firmenich can deliver. We closely collaborate with you to efficiently create solutions that consumers can trust.
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