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consumer & market insights Understanding tastes Predicting consumer desires

Individuals’ preferences are continually evolving. Being able to understand what consumers like – and why they like it – is at the heart of our business. Firmenich understands consumer and market trends as they relate to groups, products or countries, and this knowledge, coupled with our creation expertise, helps us develop the flavors matched to consumer needs.


Our scientific expertise across all aspects of sensory and consumer insights gives us a deep understanding of how to measure consumers’ flavor experience.

We partner with world-class consumer insight specialists to ensure we are always at the forefront of scientific thinking and application pertaining to consumer understanding and behavior. Our sensory and consumer insight methods decode the preferences that are essential to understanding and building creative flavor design.

Tapping into consumer tastes For world-class insights

ConsumerLenz® is Firmenich’s online database of information captured from consumer preference surveys. We use this information to identify the preferred flavors driving positive emotions of various consumer segments across the globe.

With this online catalog of consolidated and extensive global-reaching data, we can generate rapid results on consumer flavor preferences segmented by product category and by target demographic. 

The data helps our customers identify the best flavors to meet the needs and wants of their target markets.


Trenz® is Firmenich’s global strategic methodology for projecting and identifying new flavor and fragrance trends.

Our global team of trend forecasting experts tracks global trends in fashion, design and art and translates them into what’s next for the food, beverage and fragrance industries.

Trenz® provides a constant source of creative inspiration for us and for our customers, and enables us to predict the changing needs and desires of consumers related to taste and smell.


FlavorGate® is a new and exclusive Firmenich digital collaboration platform for selected customers, designed to reduce time to innovation and consequently time to market.

FlavorGate® provides online flavor information, regulatory documentation and the most up-to-date flavor insight pulled from our online systems such as ConsumerLenz® and Flavor Knowledge Portal.

With FlavorGate® we help our customers stay in constant touch with global flavor news and information, which helps them stay one step ahead.


The Flavor Knowledge Portal is an interactive forum that collects, structures and combines Firmenich’s internal flavor intelligence with external sources of information to deliver synthesized and strategic knowledge on flavor opportunities for any selected category, region, target or group.

The Flavor Knowledge Portal contains information on more than one million market products across 50 countries.

With this knowledge, our creative teams can proactively anticipate consumer and market trends based on facts, which help accelerate new product development and consequently optimize cost.
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