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Firmenich excels in key tonalities: citrus, vanilla, seafood and mint, and our experience ensures that we consistently deliver the absolute appropriate flavor solution for every one of our customers’ products. Add to that the high quality of our raw material and strong supplier relationships, and naturally our flavor solutions become nothing short of extraordinary.


At Firmenich, thanks to our passion for innovation and problem solving, we are constantly developing our expertise, technologies and service levels to ensure that we maintain our leadership in citrus.

Citrus represents a universe unto itself. From the ubiquitous orange, lemon, lime and grapefruit to the more uncommon mandarin, clementine, yuzu and tangerine, there is always something new to discover. Firmenich scientists and flavorists are continually exploring the intimate secrets of citrus fruits, from the peel to the juice to the seeds and more. We can deliver the sweetness, flavor and zing of freshly squeezed juice so that your products surprise the consumer with an incomparable sensory experience.

With more than 1,200 flavor products covering all profiles and tonalities, Firmenich offers a differentiated and innovative portfolio of citrus solutions. With four Citrus Centers (Lakeland, Florida; São Paulo; Geneva; Shanghai) we benefit from a global innovation network, which is further enhanced by regional creation capabilities.

We are leaders in creating concentrated citrus products and flavor systems of unmatched taste performance from an extensive range of citrus ingredients and compounds. These systems complement all types of beverages, such as clear flavored water, carbonated soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, and juices, restoring the flavor volatiles lost during processing and giving that sought-after ‘fresh-squeezed’ taste.

To obtain winning flavors solutions for our customers' products, we use a number of in-house refined technologies ranging from unique concentration technologies, such as Tetrarome® and Citronova® to industry leading encapsulation methods like Durarome®, which protects the flavor until the moment of consumption.

We work together with our customers to create winning citrus flavored beverages through:

  • UNIQUE PRODUCTS – Our flavor and fragrance knowledge provides a creative approach to new product development.
  • SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS – We recognize the importance of providing citrus fruits for the global population, so we invest in programs to grow more fruits as well as offer alternate solutions for great citrus taste experiences.
  • FRESH TASTE – Our unique flavor technologies produce the optimal flavor stability products need during their expected shelf-life.
  • MASKING SKILLS – Firmenich flavorists are skilled in creating flavor systems that can mask unpleasant off-notes resulting from ingredients added to base products.

Our proven experience in trend forecasting analysis has helped our creative teams to design original flavors and innovative product concepts in three inspiring citrus collections: Happiness, Well-Being and Experience.

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Vanilla is one of the world’s most popular and universally appreciated flavors. Known to create positive emotions, it is reported to frequently induce feelings of happiness, reassurance and nostalgia.

Firmenich is passionate about vanilla and we have more than 100 years’ experience working with it. Our Vanilla Touch process represents our know-how in capturing the essence of vanilla to provide the most authentic flavor for our customers. We consider all aspects from the origin of the crops to the bean type in order to make sure the vanilla is the best fit for our customer’s requested application.

Our vanilla originates from a wide variety of sources (Madagascar, Uganda, Indonesia, India, Papua New Guinea) and species (mainly Planifolia and Tahitensis). This diversity allows us to benefit from a great variety of bean qualities and flavor profiles. Additionally, because Firmenich flavor experts are present at the source in various countries, we can help to ensure the best security of supply. Our engagement also promises cost-effectiveness due to the way we efficiently control the raw material from source to fork. By rethinking our entire vanilla palette, we developed a unique range of natural flavors that offer an authentic taste profile, while meeting the market’s expectations for clean label and natural.

Working alongside cooperatives and suppliers, we value responsible and sustainable sourcing programs. Working closely with our strategic partner in Madagascar, we have sourced the world’s first Rainforest Alliance Certified™ vanilla beans and today our palette comprises both Organic and Fair Trade extracts and flavors. We have a fundamental understanding of the fragility of the vanilla eco-systems and the surrounding communities. This is why we are dedicated to working with local actors at the source. Firmenich can ensure 100% traceability. Our objective has always been to deliver the best quality vanilla with the highest level of control, and we have developed the most advanced methods for curing and extraction. Our multiple processes allow us respond to stringent demands with a multitude of quality extracts and flavor profiles. For cost-effectiveness, local compliance and service excellence, we process our beans in the United States and Europe, and 100% of our extracts are produced on our vanilla extraction sites to secure quality and traceability.

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Firmenich’s leadership in global sourcing, controlled curing and extraction processes delivers:

  • High vanillin concentration
  • New fractions
  • Unique flavor profiles
  • New taste compounds
  • Better quality and control
  • Higher cost-effectiveness
As the global demand for protein increases and the amount of sustainable protein sources decreases, seafood will play an important role in feeding future populations. Our seafood ingredients, as flavor providers, are an excellent source of essential amino acids and fatty acids and provide numerous health benefits. Natural, sustainable, fresh, and authentic, our seafood business is a true differentiator for Firmenich.

Conveniently located on the west coast of Norway, the Firmenich Seafood Expertise Center in Ålesund is the center of our seafood expertise. With direct access to fish from the North Atlantic and the Barents Sea, the facility uses seafood raw materials to produce natural extracts, hydrolysate and concentrated oils, liquids, pastes and powder flavors.

Each year, Firmenich processes 10,000 tons of seafood raw materials, largely by-product from the seafood industry. Through sophisticated biotechnological processes, we convert the by-product, which was previously disposed of in the sea, to create seafood extracts and flavors such as codfish, shrimp, lobster, crab, squid and other popular seafood tonalities. Our customers use the flavors in soup, stocks, sauces and ready-to-eat meals.

The Firmenich Seafood Expertise Center was founded and built in 1945, first producing dried and salted codfish. In the mid-1980s we decided to focus activity on seafood extract production, and in doing so, we became a global leader in the seafood ingredients market.

We have established long and strong relationships with our raw material suppliers and work closely with fishing vessels and fishermen to secure the highest quality materials. By working with suppliers to utilize more species and by-products, we are also helping to pave the way for new sustainable ingredients within the food industry.

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Firmenich offers flavors that have received certification by the Marine Stewardship Council’s (MSC) Chain of Custody standard. This Certification verifies that the labeled product originates from fisheries that meet the MSC standards for well-managed and sustainable fisheries. This means that the origin fishery operates in manner that keeps fish stocks, other marine life and eco systems healthy. It also indicates that the origin fishery has made efforts to minimize its environmental impact, abides by all local, national and international laws, and operates under the guidance of accepted scientific findings to ensure sustainable use of the marine resources.

To learn more about the Marine Stewardship Council, visit

Firmenich's vision is to remain an industry leader in sustainability, creating and capturing value for our customers and their consumers worldwide. We will continue to:

  • Create products that make a difference
  • Contribute to our customers’ sustainability strategies
  • Understand consumer needs in emerging economies
  • Anticipate global environmental trends
Our consistent delivery of the perfect refreshing taste is the culmination of the passion that drives every step of our end-to-end Mint business model. We believe the plant is the most efficient factory on earth and have partnered with like-minded experts at every stage from farm to finished product to maximize its potential and deliver innovative, sustainable and natural mint solutions.

Richest Mint Portfolio in the Industry
Firmenich expertise and our unique partnerships allow us to create tailored, game-changing solutions in mint oils and flavors – from delivering traditional, consumer-preferred profiles to new and unique mint directions. Customers turn to us for our unsurpassed ability to replicate the best characteristics and attributes of any breed of mint, regardless of availability or region of origin.

Leaders in Natural & Sustainable
Through our joint venture with Essex Laboratories, in Washington, U.S., we combine outstanding innovation and traditional farming, ensuring guaranteed volumes year-round of the ultimate quality mints for our creators and our customers.

Together, we create and grow tailor-made and cost-effective mint varieties using sustainable processes that respect both the plant and the environment and provide a traceable value chain.

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A Truly Global Network
Supported by superior technical service and innovation, we operate in a truly unique way. With a collection of unparalleled worldwide contacts, we maintain an active and dynamic network based on collaboration, an open exchange of ideas and a philosophy of ongoing innovation.

In partnership with Essex Laboratories, we have earned a reputation as a world leader in mint growing, production, distribution, and flavor creation. We work with a global network of the best mint growers to guarantee the highest possible standards for mint from field to shelf.
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