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Our innovation group, i5, is forward looking. We anticipate the needs of the future consumer and use our technical expertise to create solutions to meet those needs. i5 stands for the letter “i” to the power of 5, because we ideate, invent, invest, inspire, and ignite. We couple this approach to innovation with our advanced flavor technologies to create high-performance solutions that are always keeping pace with the ever-changing demands of the market.


We approach innovation through three platforms focused on:
Health and Nutrition; Natural and Sustainable; and Breakthrough Cost Innovation

These platforms capture and capitalize on:
  • The continued consumer demand for healthier and more nutritious food and beverages,
  • The growing public interest in and awareness of the sustainability of natural products,
  • The increasing and significant emphasis food and beverage manufacturers place on cost efficiency.
Health and Nutrition
Health and Nutrition focuses on helping our customers meet a variety of challenges, including reducing calories, sugar and salt. We are also addressing the emerging consumer awareness of protein content.
Natural and Sustainable
Natural and Sustainable focuses on our natural raw material supply. Ensuring core natural materials, including citrus, vanilla, mint and cocoa, are sourced sustainably and effectively is a Firmenich priority. This platform also addresses the growing consumer demand for clean labels, and we are developing new and innovative ways to help our customers meet such requirements.
Breakthrough Cost Innovation
Breakthrough Cost Innovation focuses on new technologies, processes and approaches that offer more efficient value across our entire flavor portfolio. We deliver greater value to customers and consumers through a more sustainable supply chain with less waste, higher efficiency and improved performance.


We seek and develop market-leading technologies and ingredients, and this combination promises tailored flavor solutions. Our experts work hand-in-hand with our customers. Our advanced approach and our passion for taste mean our customers’ products impart maximum consumer appeal.


Flavors are typically mixtures of volatile and delicate molecules. Our Encapsolutions® portfolio of products protects these flavors from exposure to evaporation, oxidation, base reactions, extreme pH, heat and light throughout the manufacturing and distribution process. The final product is delivered to consumers bursting with flavor.


Consumers have high taste expectations and it is imperative that we meet or exceed them. With Encapsolutions®, our goal is to ensure that the flavor delivers the maximum taste experience by:

  • Protection: Understanding processing conditions means that we know how to apply the right level of protection to ensure that the flavor is not lost before reaching the consumer.
  • Better handling: Ease of use in the factory and homogenous mixing ensures that no flavor is lost. By limiting opportunity for interactions with other components in the food base, we minimize the risks of the flavor profile being altered.
  • Controlled release: Having protected the flavor through the process, it is also important to control the moment of delivery. Firmenich’s systems guarantee that the flavors are released at just the right moment to please the consumer.


Our Encapsolutions® Portfolio is comprised of four innovative technologies:

Long lasting taste freshness through the highest protection of flavors from oxidation and interaction.
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Full Taste Impact through process-resistant and multi-sensory flavors.
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Best Taste/Cost-In-Use equation through performing and economical flavors
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Retains best taste authenticity under extreme conditions of the manufacturing and preparation processes
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preserves freshness
Durarome® sustains a product’s fresh taste throughout its shelf-life, with a constant flavor profile, from production to consumption via often lengthy distribution channels, especially for oxidation sensitive products such as citrus and mango.
maintains impact
Flexarome® is a process-resistant and multi-dimensional flavor solution which acts in synergy with your products to intensify the taste impact and pleasure, by protecting flavor authenticity through demanding manufacturing and preparation processes and by triggering multi-sensory stimuli.
provides cost-effectiveness
The Captarome® range contains high performing dry flavors that provide taste and cost advantage over other flavor encapsulated technologies. The technology offers higher flavor strengths, which reduces the total quantity of flavor ingredients needed. This not only helps reduce flavor costs, but also transportation, inventory and handling costs.
ensures taste performance
Thermarome® offers the best optimization of authentic taste under extreme manufacturing and preparation conditions, with thermal protection. This is best suited for battered, coated, extruded and fried applications.


Other portfolios of flavor solutions

Portfolio of flavors which impact the taste and/or texture of food and beverages
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Experts in Citrus®
Portfolio of citrus flavor solutions
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Portfolio of high performance flavor solutions which impacts taste and texture with reduced sugar.
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delivers cooling sensates, which are great in applications such as chewing gums and breath mints.
  • Mask-IT!® A range of bitter-blocking flavor solutions
  • SOLESSENCE® A range of clear, water-soluble flavor technologies for all cut clear beverage formulation needs
  • PURICLEAN® Flavors which have been specifically designed for confectionery applications to deliver great taste with additional antibacterial properties
  • SALTPRINT® A range of flavor solutions to restore saltiness perception in food containing low sodium
  • NovaSense® Flavor systems which deliver trigeminal sensations such as cooling, heating, tingling, as well as increased salivation
  • PERMASTABIL® Concentrated emulsions which deliver flavor, color, cloud and/or nutraceutical ingredients (i.e. vitamins, minerals, etc.) in one convenient and cost-effective system
Citrus® expertise
CITRONOVA® A range of concentrated citrus flavors produced by distillation or folding of cold pressed oils "From The Name Fruit" (FTNF)
Tetrarome® A proprietary technology which provides enhanced authenticity and freshness to citrus beverages
FirAroma A proprietary non-thermal, adsorption technology providing high purity fractions of highly dilute mixtures for fresh, authentic citrus flavors
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The global increase of sugar consumption is resulting in a rise in health concerns such as obesity and diabetes. Firmenich provides flavor solutions to customers looking for new and innovative ways to address sugar issues - while still providing consumers with tasty products.
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