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At Firmenich we are creators of positive emotions through the senses of taste and smell. We believe that business is a force for good, that’s why we seek to enhance wellbeing across everything that we do, naturally.

Discover what makes us naturally different.


As creators of taste and smell experiences, we bring the extraordinary into the lives of over four billion people around the world every day.

We want these moments to be positive in all senses: positive sensorially, positive for our communities and positive for the planet.

That’s why we create positive emotions that enhance wellbeing, naturally.

OUR PURPOSE We create positive emotions to enhance wellbeing, naturally.


At Firmenich, we aspire to create positive emotions through the sense of smell.

“Smell is an important connection to people and life itself. It brings colors and emotions to daily life, making everything more meaningful.”
- Sabine de Tscharner, Perfumer


At Firmenich, we ensure healthier food and drink experiences taste great, to make the more nutritious option the easier choice for consumers.

Our cutting-edge flavor technologies reduce sugar, salt and fat content without compromising on taste. We also champion the adoption of plant-based proteins to accelerate sustainable nutrition.

“Tasting foods can immediately bring you back to a place that is a positive memory.” - Courtney Cusat, Senior Food Technologist

Naturally, We Are Going Beyond the Palette

Pioneering extraordinary fragrance & taste ingredients responsibly is at the heart of Firmenich.

Our ingredients are the cornerstone of all our creations and the foundation of our lasting success.

"Every ingredient I put in my fragrances has a story, it gives a soul to the fragrance." - Honorine Blanc, Master Perfumer

Creativity & Innovation AS A FORCE FOR GOOD

Our success is rooted in world-class research, from the creation of our company by a talented Swiss chemist, to our Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1939, all the way to pioneering the industry’s first white biotech ingredient.

Around the world, our experts put our creativity and science to work to be a force for good.

"I feel that through research, through science and technology, that we can make a difference for those individuals who struggle every day." - Matt Rogers, VP R&D North America

Nature Our leading source of inspiration

Nature is our greatest source of inspiration and the origin of our most precious ingredients.

That's why we set ourselves very ambitious environmental goals with the vision to become carbon neutral, while applying green chemistry principles with a circular economy mindset.

We are also committed to leading the most transparent, ethical and sustainable value chain for our Naturals.

“I get my inspiration from nature because nature is the most elegant engineer.” - Huda Jerri, Director, Materials Science, R&D North America

Family-owned For Good

Firmenich is more than a Business. We are a Family, with a Legacy.

That's why our purpose plays a critical role across everything we do, for the long-term benefit of our customers, colleagues and communities.

"There are two family names on my business card: my family name and the Firmenich family name." - Imad Farhat, VP Taste
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