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For Good, Naturally

“We create flavors, fragrances and formulations with these ingredients that increase happiness around the world and I think that’s remarkable.” - Matthew Rogers, VP R&D North America

Pioneering extraordinary fragrance & taste ingredients responsibly is at the heart of Firmenich. Our ingredients are the cornerstone of all our creations and the foundation of our lasting success.

Made possible by science RENDERED UNFORGETTABLE BY PERFUMERS and flavorists


Firmenich is known for its innovation, notably the impressive number of new ingredients created for both perfumery and flavor palettes.

  • Technology, Creativity, Responsibility: the essence of Firmenich’s business, integral to the company's DNA.
  • Each year, Firmenich invests 10% of revenues in R&D, reflecting a dedicated focus on innovation.
  • Pioneer in White Biotechnology: launch in 2014 of the Firmenich first-born white biotech ingredient (Clearwood®).
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Naturally, We Are Going Beyond the Palette

"Every ingredient I put in my fragrances has a story, it gives a soul to the fragrance." - Honorine Blanc, Master Perfumer

Pioneering extraordinary fragrance & taste ingredients responsibly is at the heart of Firmenich.

Our ingredients are the cornerstone of all our creations and the foundation of our lasting success.
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With the most sophisticated techniques, our scientists explore the structure of nature’s own molecules, reproduce their purity in the laboratory and apply their expertise to invent new ones.
Each year Firmenich introduces four to six new ingredients in our flavor and perfumery palettes.

A Firmenich molecule is created to deliver a pure, high-performance and unique olfactive or organoleptic note.
Every precious molecule is designed to give a rhythm to a fragrance, lend a certain spark, and provide a signature as yet unseen.
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Responsible at the source

Naturally, we conduct a vigorous assessment of the biodegradability potential of all molecules in development.

Throughout the process, ingredients are measured against strict sustainability criteria with a focus on environmental safety and protection. Our standards are more demanding than the Flavor & Fragrance industry norms.
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An iconic creator

For more than a century, and particularly over the last four decades, from Iralia® to Clearwood® Firmenich has created some of the most desirable ingredients in the Flavor & Fragrance industry.

More about Synthetic Ingredients

Floral Iralia®

The fascinating story of Firmenich molecules starts in 1903 with the discovery and synthesis of Iralia®.
This major achievement contributes to the development of organic chemistry in our industry.

Musk Muscone, Civettone

In 1939 while working at Firmenich, Professor Leopold Ruzicka receives the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his work on discovery and structure identification of two key molecules found in natural musk.

musk Exaltolide®

Based on Professor Ruzicka’s early work, the magic story of musk synthesis leads to Exaltolide®, the first and most noble, natural and pure molecule of the musk family.

ambery Ambrox®

Firmenich identifies Ambrox® as the key molecule responsible for the odor of mysterious ambergris and develops its first synthesis via a natural route.

Floral Hedione®

In 1958, Firmenich’s Dr. Edouard Demole reveals the presence of two key molecules in the 13% jasmine profile which had not yet been identified.
In 1962, Firmenich launches Hedione® and Splendione®, named with Greek influences suggesting pleasure and splendor.

Woody Z11

The eleventh molecule born out of Firmenich’s work with Zurich University, Z11 opens a new line of woody ambery notes.
Since its conception, Z11 has provided thousands of olfactive sensations.

Fruity Furaneol®

In 1964, a Firmenich team of chemists isolated from fresh strawberries extracts a molecule called Fraisol, the very first molecule structure identified through mass spectrography.
Furaneol® was patended in 1967 and Natural Furaneol® in 1990.

Floral Rose Ketones

Firmenich’s team of Professor Ruzicka, Dr. Demole and the Perfumer Ulrich Fauberli analyze the Bulgarian rose essence, find Damascone Beta, Damascenone and Damascone Alpha, and discover the way to synthetize them.
Their work is still widely recognized as having provided a key discovery process for our industry.

Green Neobutenone®

This discovery, one of the corner stones in the history of perfumery, is the first of three main Firmenich inventions in the green molecule family.

Woody Polysantol®

The first of two Firmenich iconic woody-sandalwood molecules, it has since become a legendary perfumery ingredient.
Firsantol® followed it in 1992.

Ambery Ambrox®DL

Following on the success of Ambrox®, Firmenich’s Ambrox®DL is the industry’s first ambery molecule produced 100% synthetically, offering a new and secure solution.

Musk Muscenone® and Habanolide®

Muscenone® and Habanolide®, second generation of unsaturated macrocyclic musks, are created in the footsteps of Professor Ruzicka’s work in 1939.

Musk Helvetolide®

Part of Firmenich’s pioneering heritage in musk discovery and synthesis, Helvetolide® is the first of its generation of allycyclic musks.
Its namesake was chosen to mark its birth year – the 700th anniversary of The Helvetic Confederation.

Ambery Cetalox®

Maintaining strides made by predecessors Ambrox®, and Ambrox®DL, Cetalox® marks another important step in Firmenich’s synthesis history.

Musk Romandolide®

Part of Firmenich’s pioneering heritage in musk discovery and synthesis, Romandolide® is introduced as a new complementary addition to Helvetolide® in the allyclyclic musk generation.

Woody Clearwood®

Manufactured from sugar cane, a renewable and natural source of energy, Clearwood® offers a breathtaking woody character sparkling with creamy and ambery facets to perfumers around the world.

MASTERY in Natural Ingredients

3 key pillars Responsible sourcing, Creativity, Innovation

Our 3 key pillars represent the essence of perfumers’ and flavorists’ metiers. We give access to the most precious and inspiring materials from all around the world, fine-crafted with our technologies. 

They are the dream ingredients to create a positive emotional connection between the source and the consumer.
More about Natural ingredients


#NATURALSTOGETHERTM is an initiative led by Firmenich that brings together many of the world’s best natural ingredients suppliers to shape the future of Naturals.

#NATURALSTOGETHERTM is captured in a series of films.

Embark on a journey to discover the most beautiful natural ingredients for Fragrance and Flavors, the communities who grow them and the creators who bring them to life.
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We are dedicated to operating our business responsibly, and naturally a major part of that commitment is preserving the future of natural ingredients in our industry. 

Firmenich has built long-term relationships with local farming communities; this collaborative approach, built up over decades, helps us to source responsibly every step of the way.
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The future of Ingredients IS AVAILABLE NOW

Sharing Innovation

Captive ingredients embody the soul of Firmenich, they express our uniqueness, our difference, and our commitment to perfection.
We aim to share our innovations by releasing some of our most beautiful captive ingredients to the industry.
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