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To create a Firmenich molecule is both a technical and aesthetic challenge.

On average 2,000 new molecules are screened every year through a series of rigorous tests.
Typically only four to six unique, precious synthetic ingredients are approved annually for Firmenich’s perfumery and flavor palette.

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Our molecules are like rough diamonds. It’s up to us, once they come into our hands, to nurture them, to carve them and to make them shine in a fragrance the right way. They’re diamonds in the making.

Ilias Ermenidis, Perfumer, New York


Clearwood® delivers all the rewards of modern ingredient design.
Beaming with light, it offers the creamy warmth of amber and a dark woody character reminiscent of patchouli.
Clearwood® is a truly inspiring ingredient made possible by the genius of science and rendered unforgettable by the perfumers’ intuition.
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Naturally, We Are Going Beyond the Palette

"Every ingredient I put in my fragrances has a story, it gives a soul to the fragrance." - Honorine Blanc, Master Perfumer

Pioneering extraordinary fragrance & taste ingredients responsibly is at the heart of Firmenich.

Our ingredients are the cornerstone of all our creations and the foundation of our lasting success.
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bringing outstanding creative solutions to perfumers

Expert in floral notes

Consider Firmenich’s discovery of Iralia® in 1903, the invention of Hedione® in the 1960’s, our breakthrough analysis of rose ketones, and the more recent release of Firascone™. Our expertise in the Floral family is unparalleled.



Innovator in AMBER NOTES

With the Ambrox® discovery and the following synthesis, Firmenich captured the quintessence of mysterious ambergris, giving perfumers access to a wider range beyond natural extracts.

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Pioneer in MUSK NOTES

Firmenich is a pioneer in the discovery and chemistry of synthetic musks. Recognized in the industry as the reference for musk molecules, we continue to develop our expertise and fine-tune our savoir-faire of this mysterious family of molecules.

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Designer in WOODY NOTES

Firmenich’s research has supported the advent of powerful and elegant woody-ambery and sandalwood notes which, until we created them, were limited by natural production and protection of sandalwood.

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Architect in GREEN NOTES

Firmenich inventions in the green family molecules are one of the cornerstones in the history of perfumery.

Sharing Innovation

Captive ingredients embody the soul of Firmenich, they express our uniqueness, our difference, and our commitment to perfection.
We aim to share our innovations by releasing some of our most beautiful captive ingredients to the industry.
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