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Creativity, innovation and technology come together in our consumer products. We strive to create iconic fragrances, which have a unique signature and stand out in terms of their consumer preference. We also aim to lead the way in new olfactory trends, based on our innovative palette of materials and our knowledge of emerging consumer attitudes and aspirations. Sustainability in naturally integrated in everything we do and is central to our strategy.

Body Care

We apply our expertise to create positive emotions for consumers. Firmenich solutions enhance the daily experiences of body care, skin cleansing, hair care, AP/Deo and skin care brands. Already a clear leader in perfumery delivery technologies in Home Care, we have expanded our expertise to Body Care products.

Home Care

Our fragrances are created to provide highly sensorial experiences, while naturally, delivering performance. Consumers enjoy our fragrances daily, in fabric care through detergents and softeners and in home care through surface and air care. Our technologies deliver product benefits that enhance perfume longevity, bloom and malodor counteraction.

Our Purpose We create positive emotions to enhance wellbeing, naturally.


“Smell is an important connection to people and life itself. It brings colors and emotions to daily life, making everything more meaningful.” - Sabine de Tscharner, Perfumer

At Firmenich, we aspire to create positive emotions through the sense of smell.

Discover what makes us naturally different.
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For good, naturally Olfactive Anthropologist

"I feel like I have a responsibility, almost like an olfactive ambassador." - Ashley Balavoine, Perfumer

At Firmenich, we aspire to create positive emotions through the sense of smell.

Discover what makes us naturally different.
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For good, naturally The value of Simplicity

"There is value in simplicity." - Karen Tay, Fragrance Development Director

At Firmenich, we aspire to create positive emotions through the sense of smell.

Discover what makes us naturally different.
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Meet our Masters JOHANNES FESER

Master Perfumer
“On a recent trip to Morocco, I had the opportunity to visit with a local lady and discover how she washes her family’s garments. After handwashing her husband’s shirt, she handed it to me and said: ‘See for yourself how nice it smells.’ It was my own fragrance and a moment I will never forget.”

Meet our Masters Tony Reichert

Master Perfumer
“Every day I realize how lucky I am to have found a career that I have been able to be passionate about for over 40 years. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.”

Meet our Masters Martin Koh

Master Perfumer
"First, I picture the perfume in my head. I then build it with the ingredients, bit by bit, part by part. It’s a construction."

Meet our Masters Gary Marr

Master Perfumer
“Just as in music, the beauty of a fragrance comes from its construction, its form, as much as it does from its content and notes. The construction allows for the notes or ingredients to perform their magic.”

Meet our Masters Eckhart Simbt

Master Perfumer
“Flowers are one of the sweetest things created by nature, and as a Perfumer I am so lucky to be able to work with them every day and relay through them emotions.”


As today’s consumer becomes ever more demanding, and as the marketplace becomes increasingly competitive, we help our customers achieve enhanced performance. To do this we invest heavily in research. 

Our innovative, research-based solutions help ensure we exceed our customers’ expectations. Our enhanced technology systems deliver benefits such as perfume longevity, bloom and malodor counteraction in fabric, home and body care.
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With Creative Development Centers in the Americas, Europe and Asia, the Firmenich Consumer Fragrances network is truly global in order to meet the needs of our customers wherever their consumers are.

Our perfumers work alongside technical experts, fragrance development teams, sensory, consumer insight and marketing managers to develop new fragrance creations to become tomorrow’s successes.

Thought Leader in Sustainability

Shared Senses in India AN INCLUSIVE APPROACH

Working with the Naandi Foundation, our longtime partner in India, we have created the ‘Shared Senses’ program to gather insights directly from local consumers at the "bottom of the pyramid." Firmenich has trained and coached low-income adults to equip them to work as interviewers; in turn, they conduct non-intrusive dialogues in their communities to build our database of consumer opinion on fragrance.
In 2013, we scaled up the project to conduct regular testing in hygiene, Body Care and Home Care fragrances, to guide our creation for low-income consumers.

At the World Corporate Social Responsibility Congress in Mumbai in 2013, together with the Naandi Foundation, Firmenich was selected from among 2,500 applicants as the winner of the Sustainability Leadership Award in the category of Best Project Collaboration for our ‘Shared Senses’ program.
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Consumers are at the heart of our creation and innovation. Firmenich maintains a vast and deep knowledge base of consumers’ fragrance habits, needs and preferences. From the first stages of the development process, right through to the end, we rely on consumer feedback and sensory panel evaluation to ensure that Firmenich fragrances make our customers’ brands desirable.

In Consumer Fragrances, we deliver outstanding perfumes that help cement the bond between a consumer and a brand, naturally.

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