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As individual molecules interact with the 350 olfactory receptors in the nose, a human’s instincts are awakened. This response is what motivates perfumery. By interpreting the nuances of the olfactory receptor code, Firmenich’s experts aim to understand more precisely how humans discriminate odor to drive positive emotions around the world.


Our olfactory receptor code knowledge brings value to our customers in several promising areas:
  • Discovering targeted odor and aroma enhancers: the next generation Hedione®
  • Discovering targeted malodor blockers
  • Detecting more potent, more stable or longer-lasting molecules with desirable olfactory characteristics

Making Hygiene Accessible for All The Malodor Control Project

We entered a research partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to reinvent the Toilet Experience for populations at the “Base of the Pyramid” together. 

When we realized that smell could play a critical role in enabling more responsible hygiene behaviors we decided to put our science to work to be a part of tackling today’s sanitation crisis and enhance global wellbeing.

Watch the movie to learn more.


“Smell is an important connection to people and life itself. It brings colors and emotions to daily life, making everything more meaningful.” - Sabine de Tscharner, Perfumer

At Firmenich, we aspire to create positive emotions through the sense of smell.

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For good, naturally Olfactive Anthropologist

"I feel like I have a responsibility, almost like an olfactive ambassador." - Ashley Balavoine, Perfumer

At Firmenich, we aspire to create positive emotions through the sense of smell.

Discover what makes us naturally different.
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The Firmenich ScentMove® tool enables us to understand how consumers describe their emotions when smelling fragrances. It is a proprietary approach our development teams use to identify scent codes that trigger consumer emotions.

The ScentMove® innovation required a multidisciplinary approach involving neuroscience, physiology, psychology, and sensory analysis, and we also work in collaboration with the Swiss Center for Affective Sciences of Geneva University.


Since 1895 Firmenich has focused on innovation to expand our ingredient palette. The result is an undisputed legacy of excellence, know-how and reputation for quality, creativity and performance in the industry. We strive to offer the best and most sustainable palette to our perfumers. The ingredient palette is made of the most unique and inspiring choice of naturals and synthetic molecules, and its composition enables our perfumers to express their best creativity while meeting consumers’ ever-evolving desires. Pure, precious and inspiring, Firmenich’s palette reveals the precision of its makers and is the choice of perfumers seeking an exceptional product.

Ingredients innovation MOLECULES

For our molecules, we are as precise and demanding as nature itself, yet we are a much more selective creator. Firmenich’s dedication to molecular synthesis, talent for innovation, and mastery for both technical and aesthetic challenges of molecule creation yields an ingredient palette that meets the highest standards of olfactory facets.

We strive to maintain the highest standards of sustainable health, safety and environmental care.

“Molecules are indispensable because they help us create an ethereal structure, they bring brilliance, burst and trail. They are the messengers of emotions.”

Nathalie Lorson, Perfumer
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Ingredients innovation NATURALS

Our creators know that consumers want authentic, high-quality and traceable products. For that reason, we are dedicated to getting the best out of nature in the most sustainable way, working against the highest standards of excellence and ethics. 

Our model is unique in the industry: we are integrated from the source to fragrance, thanks to our capabilities in superior sourcing, production and innovation.

Naturally, perfumers, researchers and scientists, as well as purchasing and sourcing experts work hand-in-hand to offer the richest and finest naturals. 

“My dream has come true … to be at the heart of flowers in India and to use their essence.”
Alberto Morillas, Master Perfumer, about our JV with Jasmine Concrete.
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