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Amplifying Governance Empowering People

As a family-owned company, we know that people are the heart of our company and that shared values are essential to success. To achieve our sustainable business goals, strengthen our sense of individual and collective responsibility and bring to life our Fundamentals we need to attract and retain the best talent and stimulate creative and innovative thinking.

Involving and Engaging People

Tell us How you Feel Survey and Pulse Survey

Our “Tell Us How You Feel” survey (a biennial employee engagement survey issued to all colleagues) helps us shape our company’s future and ensures ongoing professional fulfillment for employees worldwide. Complementing our biannual employee engagement survey “Tell us How You Feel,” we conduct annual “Pulse” surveys. Colleagues are asked to comment on their work satisfaction, environment and relationships with managers and co-workers. In 2018, more than 87% participated in the survey – a record high. With a record participation of more than 87%, we achieved an excellent overall score of 7.1 out of 10, reflecting our strong One Firmenich team spirit and our confidence in our capacity to achieve our 2020 strategic objectives. Our leaders were recognized for setting clear expectations and promoting collaboration.

This positive result is a testament to our culture of inclusiveness and reflects our strong sense of:
  • Confidence in our 2020 strategy
  • Alignment with the Firmenich Fundamentals across everything we do
  • Unparalleled focus on customer engagement
  • Collaboration and commitment to best-practice sharing

  • Introducing I am Firmenich

    This year we introduced the “I am Firmenich” campaign, an engaging video series that brings to life the world-class creativity, expertise, and passion of our colleagues. A true snapshot of Firmenich’s diversity and inclusiveness, the videos feature colleagues from all age groups, regions, cultures, and businesses telling their unique stories about why they chose to join Firmenich and how they uniquely contribute to the company’s success in their daily work. Supporting global recruitment initiatives, the I am Firmenich video series is showcased on our careers page to provide potential candidates with authentic insights into our culture and the passion of the people of Firmenich.

    Empowering Colleagues for Sustainability

    Firmenich 4 Society

    Building on our commitment to join our sustainability platform and the communities where we source around the world, we have introduced a new, non-monetary recognition program called Firmenich 4 Society to bring to life the values of our company. Leveraging our employees’ individual skills and interests, Firmenich 4 Society offers all of our colleagues the opportunity to be a force for good by contributing directly to our sustainability and community efforts.

    Firmenich 4 Society projects cover two main themes:
  • Firmenich Social Entrepreneurship – helping local businesses with an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Deep Roots Program – sourcing our natural ingredients in the most ethical and sustainable way

  • Employees recognized under this program will be given the opportunity to visit one of our sustainability initiatives and work with our local partners on a variety of projects (e.g. teaching at the Firmenich School in Haiti, working at a health clinic in Madagascar, etc.)

    In FY18, the overall winners of our Firmenich 4 Society awards were colleagues who were instrumental in the development of our blind and visually impaired sensory panels. One group of winners travelled to Pune, India, where they met with local partners to understand the challenges of sanitation and how education can contribute to social advancement. As well as seeing the work of Sara Plast, a social enterprise in recyclable and portable sanitation, and the Mahindra Pride School for underprivileged youths, the team appreciated first-hand how our breakthrough malodor counteracting technologies are improving lives in local communities.

    A second group of award-winners visited a women’s cooperative in Morocco to understand how orange flower water, a neroli by-product, can become a viable year-round income. The team worked with the entrepreneurs to explore how to scale the product, applying our scientific expertise.


    Developing our talent is a key focus of our overall strategy. With millennials representing 62% of all new hires worldwide, we are committed to developing our next generation of professionals, who will play a significant role in driving our long-term success.

    This year, Firmenich championed a Millennials Community, which was designed, produced, and executed by millennials for millennials. The three goals of this initiative are:
  • Ensure active participation of millennials in key strategic initiatives sponsored by our Executive Committee
  • Inspire our millennial talent and make Firmenich the place where millennials choose to be
  • Increase collaboration and drive our business with millennial consumers in mind

  • “I am proud to work for a company like Firmenich that values the voice of its young talents. We regularly have a seat at the table on key strategic projects and we are encouraged to embrace new technologies in our ways of working. Every day when I come into the office I truly feel that I have the possibility to make a difference, both as a colleague and a citizen.” Anne-Catherine Melnotte, Project Management Office & Change Management Director, Firmenich

    One Young World

    For the first time, in 2017, Firmenich sent a group of millennials to experience “One Young World”, an annual global leadership event for young leaders under 30 years of age. During the four days in Ottawa, our six colleagues joined 1,300 young leaders from global and national companies, NGOs, and universities representing more than 190 countries. Together, they shared innovative ideas on pressing world issues, spanning human rights, global business, education, and the environment. The delegates had the privilege of being listened to and coached by an inspiring set of world leaders.

    Firmenich Community Day

    Our 13th Community Day saw more than 3,000 colleagues volunteer their time across 118 projects – our largest-ever campaign. Another step change this year was how we channeled key fundraising efforts to a single project: the Firmenich School in southern Haiti. We raised CHF 75,000 to complete repairs to toilets, gutters and water supplies following Hurricane Matthew, as well as to provide a nutritious daily snack and drink for all 650 students for the next 12 months. Having helped build the school to support vetiver farming families in 2012, we have continued to support it alongside the Firmenich Foundation.

    The Firmenich Foundation

    The Firmenich Foundation is a not-for-profit entity which champions causes worldwide. Areas of emphasis for the Foundation include: support for cancer research, relieving hunger and providing nutrition, promoting hygiene, sustainable agriculture, and supporting the communities in which Firmenich operates.

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