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Fast-tracking Green Leading in Environmental Management

Firmenich aims to reduce and positively impact our environmental footprint and maximize resource efficiency.


Firmenich’s deep commitment to lead our industry in sustainability is reflected in our efforts to reduce greenhouse gases and manage our global water use efficiently. It is further detailed in our Global Environmental Policy and our Environmental Statement below.

We have set ambitious goals for 2020, and report our progress annually in our Performance and Sustainability Report 2019:


Firmenich understands global issues, our impact on them and their impact on us, our suppliers, our customers, and their consumers. We have a responsibility to tackle these challenges, but simply minimizing our impact is not enough. We aim to make a positive contribution across our value chain and to society, economies and the environment. We are on the path to positive.

Firmenich is firmly committed to leading the industry in sustainability by minimizing our environmental footprint and maximizing efficiency. We are addressing these critical environmental issues by committing to managing our water use and wastes, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and setting ambitious science-based CO2 targets.

In keeping with this statement, Firmenich will:

  • Assure that we have an environmental management system that;
  • - Assesses our impact and risk at all stages
    - Effectively manages our significant environmental impacts
    - Leads to continual improvement of our performance

  • Conduct activities in a responsible manner and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Apply more stringent criteria than required by law when we feel appropriate.

  • Educate and communicate to our employees, contractors, temporary workers, etc. regarding responsible care of the environment and to encourage their active participation in improving Firmenich, performance.

  • Commit to the prevention of pollution through the study of our performance to identify opportunities for improvement with the first priority being operational control and source reduction, followed by recycling and proper waste management.

  • Engage our supply chain to improve overall environmental impact and performance.

  • Work with our stakeholders to promote environmental stewardship.

  • Monitor environmental performance, compare against targets and objectives and regularly communicate progress to all staff, customers, and other external stakeholder.

  • Our environmental strategy, targets, and objectives are further detailed in our Global Environmental Policy available here.

    Neil McFarlane
    Senior Vice President Global Quality, Health, Safety & Environment
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