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Sustainability at Firmenich Materiality Analysis

An evolving business landscape and trends have prompted us to update our materiality analysis and conduct a full review of our sustainability priorities.

This assessment captured feedback from across our business via interviews and questionnaires. Stakeholder engagement was key and we also reached out to customers and partners to understand their insights. Beyond informing the content of this report, the outcomes of the materiality assessment are used to refine our sustainability strategy, redefine our targets beyond 2020 and ultimately ensure the integration of high-priority sustainability and corporate risks.

Materiality Matrix

A summary of this process, including an overview of stakeholders engaged and key topics and concerns, is available in our materiality report available here.

Our Performance & Sustainability Report covers high material issues. Issues rated moderate and low are not necessarily covered in this report; we will closely monitor these in the coming years. Newly identified issues will be integrated moving forward.

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