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Product Safety & Quality

Product safety and quality are critical for any business in our industry. Our customers and end consumers rely on us to deliver products that are safe and uphold the highest standards of quality. Each day in our labs, chemists and engineers are refining the quality, safety and sustainability of our ingredients, fragrances and flavors.

Firmenich drives customer satisfaction and success through products and services that exceed expectations. The quality of our ingredient, flavor, and fragrance products is integrated throughout their design, commercialization, and production.

Quality is part of the Firmenich brand and we have a long history of outstanding product quality. An essential goal of corporate sustainability is ensuring that our customers are provided with the quality they expect. For that, we have developed a robust reporting system to accumulate and evaluate our quality statistics.

To reach our goal of leading the industry in product quality, we focus on preventing issues and continuously strengthening our quality control and analytical capabilities throughout our products’ life cycles.


Our Toxicology and Scientific Services Group works closely with world-leading scientists to minimize risks and encourage the use of new and innovative techniques for safe and sustainable product development. By proactively using intelligent and predictive testing strategies, we can reduce our product time to market and regulatory burden while better addressing sustainability issues.

Researching the Impact of Fragrances on Consumers
We are continuously deepening our knowledge of the use and effects of our products. With emerging concerns around the use of fragrances and air care products, we have collaborated with the Monell Chemical Sense Center in Philadelphia on a study looking at low level, continuous fragrance exposure. This work has generated a large amount of data that will help us better ascertain the safe use of fragrances, while better understanding consumer perceptions towards fragrance exposure.

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