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Accelerating Growth Shaping Sustainable Lifestyles

The “sustainable lifestyle” movement has gained momentum, with many of our customers taking on a leadership role.


The Sustainable Lifestyles project was initiated at COP21 with a group of like-minded companies convened by WBCSD. Co-chaired by our CEO, Gilbert Ghostine, WBCSD’s Sustainable Lifestyles work aims to challenge our worldview of consumption as it exists today, to help companies create a better tomorrow – one that results in greater happiness and health for people, and that happens to be sustainable. Consumption impacts don’t occur in isolation. They occur as people live their lives: eating a meal, visiting relatives, doing the shopping, taking a shower, reading a book. Therefore, no single company can create a sustainable lifestyle on its own.

At Firmenich, the Lifestyles Project has evolved into a creative laboratory for our teams. This work, fueled by valuable insights by WBCSD Sustainable Lifestyles team, allows us to not only reflect on future consumers expectations for more sustainable products but even more importantly it has helped us better understand the role of fragrances and flavors in the future of housing, mobility and food. Companies involved with Firmenich in this group have a shared vision guiding them towards systems transformation, leading to unconventional collaborations and exciting innovation opportunities.

The group has delivered important thought pieces including the Good Life 2.0 playbook that helps transforming the sustainability corporate narrative into imagery and concepts that are fully engaging for consumers. The playbook helped create an understanding of how to create demand for sustainable lifestyles. Firmenich not only participated in the creation and in the launch of the playbook in FY17 but in FY18 we activated its recommendations and creative directions with many of our clients and partners globally in order to help shape what should become a positive contribution of brands globally in helping consumers shifting to positive and aspirational lifestyles.

In FY18 we spent time with our partners and colleagues in the US, Brazil, Mexico and in Europe to brainstorm on the possible role of positive emotions in driving more sustainable behaviors. This work helps us anticipate where Firmenich can play a role in driving positive habits change, while making sure our products fully meet consumers’ expectations of transparency and traceability. In FY18, we also actively participated in the Light Houses Project. The Goal for the Lighthouses work was to create a shared vision of future lifestyles – created from the perspective of what people will need and want in the short and medium term, designed to be aspirational and inspirational.


In 2016, we participated in a new collaboration focused on the “sustainable lifestyles of the future” specifically the Whirlpool ReNEWW House (Retrofit Net-Zero Energy Water Waste), a live-in laboratory on Purdue University’s campus in Indiana, U.S. The ReNEWW house is a 1920s three-bedroom home that has been extensively retrofitted and refurbished to be as energy and water efficient as technically possible.

It operates as a live-in research lab and sustainable living showcase. Along with our partners, we leverage our expertise and work together at the house to accelerate the development of new sustainable lifestyles that are smart, healthy, and enjoyable.

During the summer of 2016, the partners initially focused on exploring a range of lifestyle activities around the use of water and energy. They plan to focus on food and diet in the fall of 2017, aiming to develop sustainable, desirable, and enjoyable solutions.

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