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Sustainability at Firmenich Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder engagement is integral to our ethical approach to doing business. Our inclusive business model is based on constant engagement with all of our stakeholders.

As a responsible company, we care about our colleagues, customers, suppliers, and local communities. It is critical that we engage with these stakeholders to deliver products that meet consumers’ needs and expectations and also drive a positive impact along the value chain.

We recognize that it is equally important to engage with other stakeholders, such as NGOs, industry associations and governments, to advance our long-term vision and the sustainability agenda. Stakeholder engagement is not only integral to define our business strategy but also key to deliver our sustainability commitments and activities.

We engage with stakeholders in a collaborative spirit and cultivate long-term relationships with all of them.
For more information about our approach to stakeholder engagement including why as well as how we respond to topics and concerns raised, please consult our Performance and Sustainability Report 2019.
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