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Accelerating Growth The Footprint of Fragrances

Providing meaningful and transparent information plays an important role in satisfying the growing public interest for conscious consumption and responsible products. In June 2018, at the World Perfumery Congress, we launched the EcoScent Compass, we consider to be the most holistic and robust fragrance sustainability measurement tool in our industry.

Building on Firmenich Ingredients Index, EcoScent Compass™ assesses each fragrance against three pillars:

1. Its intrinsic green properties, linked to the nature of the ingredients chosen by our perfumers within each fragrance.

2. The environmental data from our Ingredient Index, which received the 2017 DuPont Sustainability award, delivering an environmental footprint score.

3. A social impact score, calculated based on health, safety and labor standards at our manufacturing sites and across our supply chain, as well as livelihoods data from our Naturals Together™ and Deep Roots responsible sourcing programs.

Firmenich developed EcoScent Compass™ based on globally recognized metrics and guidelines, encompassing the European Commission work on Product Environmental Footprint (PEF), the International Fragrance Association (IFRA)’s guidelines for Sustainable Fragrances, as well as WBCSD’s social impact measurement for chemical products.

With EcoScent Compass™, Firmenich acts as a thought-leader by proactively raising the bar in Fragrance sustainability measurement and improvement.

To find out more about the EcoScent Compass and our activities in FY19, please consult our Performance and Sustainability Report 2019.


The Firmenich Ingredient Index which provides us environmental information on 93% of a typical perfumery compound in volume, helps our perfumery team better understand ingredients impact, throughout their life cycle. A unique collaboration between our QHS&E, Purchasing, Manufacturing, and R&D teams allowed us to build this tool largely with primary data, and track improvements over time (solely relying on databases would prevent us from tracking improvements in our processes and our suppliers’ processes).

For more information about the Firmenich Ingredients Index, please visit this page.


Every year, Firmenich introduces new ingredients to the perfumer’s palette. In 2010, Firmenich committed to develop biodegradable ingredients and introduced our “Green Gate” concept to ensure that new ingredients are biodegradable and will not accumulate in the environment. We fully met this ambitious goal.

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