FatMascara features Mind Nose + Matter RE|GENERATION

On October 29, award-winning beauty podcast FatMascara featured our annual Firmenich Fine Fragrance trend report Mind Nose + Matter, which presents our future-forward RE|GENERATION thinking.

The podcast entitled “How Fragrance Reflects the World We Live In” featured Fine Fragrance Marketing Director Justin Welch talking about the future of fragrance and Principal Perfumery Frank Voelkl sharing his olfactive vision on comfort, addiction and sustainability.


FatMascara is hosted by beauty industry veterans Jessica Matlin, Beauty Director of Harper’s Bazaar, and Jennifer Sullivan, a freelance beauty editor who writes for Elle, Marie Claire, Oprah, etc. The two dynamic hosts share their wide breadth of knowledge on beauty and fragrance with 27,000 Instagram followers and over 30,000 followers on their podcast channel.


A huge thank you to Jess and Jenn for their hospitality. We hope you enjoy listening as much as we did participating!

Justin Welch and Frank Voelkl

Justin Welch & Frank Voelkl

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