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Today consumers demand sustainable products they can trust, and want to see proven measures of positive environmental and social impact.

Clément Gavarry
"More than ever, it is important to be transparent about what we do, how we do it, and how it preserves the planet."

Clément Gavarry

Senior Perfumer, New York City, Firmenich

What does our purpose mean for you?


Our purpose touched me right away. It’s something I haven’t encountered in my previous experience in our industry and I wanted to be part of it. More than ever, it is important to be transparent about what we do, how we do it, and how it preserves the planet. Consumers and our customers care about the sustainability of their fragrance products. This is why our EcoScent Compass™ tool is so brilliant. We can guarantee that our beautiful creations are also sustainable.

What is your creative approach?


Joining Firmenich after many years with a competitor has refreshed my creative approach. Getting to know the Firmenich palette has helped me rediscover many natural ingredients, and naturals are where my heart is, with Neroli and Patchouli being my favorites. I try to ‘paint’ with a limited palette, often using one or two natural raw materials with a molecule in order to create a signature base on which to build.

Where is the world of fragrance heading?


The future is in our hands. Nature doesn’t provide limitless resources, so we will have to ‘help nature’ through our amazing work in biotechnology. Amazing technologies such as AI will also touch what we do, but I see them as tools not replacements of humans. Perfumery is about emotional communication, so the human brain and heart will always be needed.

What inspires you?


My inspiration has evolved over the years. In the past, my creations were often triggered by travel, nostalgic memories, conversations... Today, I find inspiration in the naturals themselves, exploring ways to reinterpret and stretch them. So, something as familiar as lavender can still surprise and inspire me. Customers are also a source of direction. Creating a global fragrance requires a different skill set to a niche fragrance; both are satisfying in their own way. As long as I am given the opportunity to provoke human emotions through my fragrances, I am inspired.

What is your aspiration?


My family has been involved with natural ingredients and fragrances for four generations, so being with a family business such as Firmenich is perfect for me. I want to continue to create new fragrances, but also to share what I have learned with a new generation of perfumers.

Clément Gavarry

Clément Gavarry, Senior Perfumer, New York City, Firmenich

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