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Firmenich creates outstanding perfumes that reinforce bonding between brands and consumers. Our market knowledge and consumer insight tools are proven to consistently guide and inspire our creative teams as they develop fragrances for our customers’ products, tailor-made for the consumer target, for the brand, for the category and for global and local marketplaces.

Yunan Chen
"I believe that what delights me will have a good chance of delighting others. Only the most personal is the most memorable in all sorts of art."

Yunan Chen

Perfumer, Shanghai, Firmenich

What does our purpose mean for you?


It makes me very happy. ‘For good, naturally’ resonates with my culture and my personal belief. We are all part of nature. We come from it, reflect it and learn from it. We are born with a longing, a need for beauty. To be able to deliver olfactive beauty is to answer that innate longing. As our Master Perfumer, Alberto Morillas once said: “A good perfume makes your heart skip a beat.” It is the essence of what we do - to evoke ‘positive emotions.’ We make people feel good, naturally.

What is your creative approach?


Stay honest, stay simple. ‘Creation’ is a personal exercise and an enriching journey. I am a consumer myself no matter what I do. I believe that what delights me will have a good chance of delighting others. Only the most personal is the most memorable in all sorts of art. When we are honest with ourselves, we are empowered to reflect beauty in what we do. Working for specific projects, we need to stand in the shoes of our customers and their consumers. To understand them, to think for them and to deliver what they want, we have a whole team working together. To win a project is always team work.

What inspires you?


I have many sources of inspiration: nature, our perfumery ingredients, childhood memories, cultural heritage, touching moments in life. I also get inspired by other perfumers, performing structures, unexpected combinations, nuances in textures and sensations.

Where is the world of fragrance heading?


My generation is facing many challenges and disruptions, just like previous generations did before us. On the upside, with the advancement of technology, we are empowered better than ever, to manage them. The question for all of us is: “What should we do?” instead of “What can we do?”. Firmenich has a tradition of caring for and celebrating its people. We count many inspiring and interesting individuals with great diversity. In an ever-changing world, it is our people who have been and will always be our differentiator. As long as we keep this tradition, we will continue to lead the industry and transform the world for good.

What is your aspiration?


First, I want to be a good perfumer. They say that you give a little bit of yourself in every fragrance you make. I’d like to give the best of me. I’m prepared to take a lifetime to do it. Secondly, I want to be a guardian of Firmenich’s culture, which has made the company one of the most desired employers in the world. It has nurtured and enriched many generations of people. I will try my best to pass on this legacy to the generations to come.

Yunan Chen

Yunan Chen, Perfumer, Shanghai, Firmenich

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